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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Basilian Abusers: when priests turn to evil

Child molester William Hodgson Marshall

I was educated at St. Michael's College School. Whilst there, I met and knew a number of holy priests. Fr. Rocco Volpe, now deceased (please pray for the repose of his soul), was a very holy man, a true priest of God. I was also taught by Fr. (now Bishop) Robert Kasun, a jovial, gentle man. May God bless him in his new ministry. 

However, I did witness one incident of physical abuse. I saw Fr. Cecil Zinger, wrapping a tie around a boy's neck so tightly,chastising him that he had his tie off.  The result of Zinger's actions was the young man developed a nose bleed. With blood pouring out of the young man's nose, Zinger immediately changed tactics, and took the boy into his classroom. I had a class of my own, and moved on. Sadly, since Zinger remained at the school, the priest was not charged with assault. Zinger is now dead: and lauded by the Basilians. May readers reflect on his assault on this young man, and draw their own conclusions. 

Now we have news of further crimes committed by Basilians, betraying Christ, His Church and the young. 

Before you read this, please once again, remember the true priests - such as Fr. Volpe - horribly betrayed by infiltrators into the Basilian Order. 

Rob Talach, a lawyer who represented the victim, Rod MacLeod, now 68, said the case represents the largest punitive award by a civil jury in a sexual-abuse case against the Catholic Church in Canada. Over all, the jury award in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice amounted to $2.5-million, which includes money for lost wages, suffering and lost enjoyment of life.

Punitive damages are reserved for particularly egregious conduct, and are meant to deter such conduct in the future.“I think that the public, as expressed through the jury, is fed up. They want to see more action by institutions,” Mr. Talach said in an interview. “We are moving in a more positive direction. MeToo is part of that. The Cosby conviction is part of that.” (U.S. entertainer Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual offences this week in Pennsylvania.) 
Evidence showed that William Hodgson Marshall, a member of the Basilian Fathers (a Catholic order of priests), sexually abused Mr. MacLeod 50 times between 1963 and 1967 while Mr. Macleod was a student at St. Charles College high school in Sudbury, Ont., and Mr. Marshall was a priest and gym teacher. 

Read the rest here, by visiting Vox Cantoris. 

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john haggerty said...

Followers of Toronto Catholic Witness might like to read 'Good Bye, Good Men - How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church' by Michael S. Rose.
Though published 16 years ago, this well-researched investigation into the state of Catholic seminaries in the USA explains why the priesthood has now fallen into such corruption.
Young Catholic men of good character were rejected by seminary professors while men with homosexual sympathies were actively recruited.
Feminist nuns pushing for the ordination of women were in alliance with the powerful homosexual groups within the American priesthood.
Both these groups made a pact to support the other.

Mr Rose's book also explains why a number of bishops and priests in America are now pushing for the normalization of homosexual relationships.
Pope Francis seems powerless to stop them.
The media and the entertainments industry are so pro-homosexual that it takes a person of courage to stand up and defend Christian morality.
Reformed churchmen like John MacArthur and John Piper have spoken out boldly in their defense of Christian marriage while many Catholic bishops have remained silent.

Toronto Catholics might also like to watch Michael Voris on YouTube, a faithful and fearless Catholic journalist and broadcaster:

The Vortex - 2018 Year of the Gay.
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