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Monday, 23 September 2019

Chrystia Freeland: Canada's FM praises her Nazi grandfather and uses fascist slogan at Ukrainian Nationalist Event

Just who is the REAL Chrystia Freeland?

Chrystia Freeland, the Foreign Minister of Canada, has a serious problem: her support for extremist nationalists in the Ukrainian diaspora community.

After watching a number of videos of Freeland with Ukrainian nationalists and extremists: it must be asked. Is it appropriate for Freeland, who self-identifies as an Ukrainian extremist nationalist to be the FM?

But a deeper question arises: Is it appropriate for Freeland to be an elected politician at all, given her deep connections with such xenophobic and even neo-NAZI sympathizing fanatics? [*]

But is gets even worse than this. FAR, FAR WORSE. For decades, Freeland had a dark secret that she did not want you or me to know. A secret that she hid from Canadians. The terrible secret was her grandfather, or as she likes to call him in public, "didus". This "didus" of hers was the notorious NAZI collaborator Michael Chomiak.

When this dark secret finally saw the light of day, she denied it, then tried to blame the Russians. The Russians, according to Freeland and her fellow ultra-nationalist fanatics, were defaming the name of an innocent man. However, it came out that indeed, Chomiak was a NAZI collaborator. A Loyal servant of the "Butcher of Poland", the monstrous Nazi, Hans Frank.

Michael Chomiak, to the right of the smoker. Emil Gassner is at lower right in Nazi uniform

Freeland KNEW her "didus" was a NAZI COLLABORATOR and LIED about it. Outrageously, She was backed up by extremists in the Ukrainian community, including extremist nationalists that populate the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.They too, joined with Freeland bellowing that the "Rooshians" had done it!

Chomiak's obscene political ideology came from the fanatics who ran the pro-NAZI Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists  (OUN), led by the notorious Nazi collaborator, and mass murderer, Stepan Bandera. His OUN went about exterminating Poles, Jews, Russians, and even Ukrainians (e.g., Ukrainian women were murdered for marrying Poles) for their NAZI masters. Death did not come quickly when the OUN and affiliated militia meted out NAZI "justice". Many suffered the most sadistic torture before death. Even children and babies were not spared. Such was the maddening hatred. 

Unlike other NAZIS, Chomiak, the Editor-in-Chief of the NAZI newspaper, Krakivski Visiti NEVER apologized or repented of his crimes. I guess he didn't because he was not repentant. In fact, as a loyal NAZI, he was evacuated to Vienna at the end of the War with other fleeing Nazis. 

Chomiak was a psychopath who was twice a traitor: a traitor to Poland (of which he was a citizen), and of those brave Ukrainians who were not Nazis and resisted the invaders. His newspaper throughout the War years poured hateful attacks upon Jews, Poles and Russians. Examples include the gloating of the extermination of Jews in Babi Yar. 

The NAZI hatred was also for Canada; seen in the joyful recounting of the bombing of London, which at that time Canadians were serving and dying as airmen in the RAF. Editor-in-Chief, Chomiak approved the following NAZI rejoicing over the bombings of the cities of England:
“bombing of industrial plants in Birmingham, Coventry, the port of Liverpool was good."

Ukrainian NAZI propaganda

After the War, many Ukrainian Nazis, Banderites and assorted ultranationalist fanatics fled to Canada and to this day remain addicted to the hate, the lust for revenge against their "enemies". The Ukrainian Canadian Congress to this day, is heavily infiltrated with such people who perpetuate this horrible mentality of perpetual hatred and bloodlust. Chrystia Freeland needs to come clean with Canadians about her relationship with this Congress (indeed her entire professional and political life is due to her close links to Ukrainian nationalists) and its revisionist propaganda in support of the pro-NAZI OUN and mass murderers, such as Bandera. 

Therefore it is shocking and outrageous to hear, in this video Chrystia Freeland shrieking out the OUN fascist war cry at a Ukrainian Canadian Congress meeting in 2016. 

We need to ask Chrystia Freeland: are you REALLY telling us that your NAZI grandfather has something worthwhile to tell Canadians about politics (as she thinks he does in the disgusting video clip above), about how we conduct ourselves and live in our country? Let us recall, Chomiak waged war AGAINST Canada, as a loyal Nazi! 

I should add that there are not a few families that have scandalous secrets and humiliations. We can only imagine what it is like to have a murderer or rapist in the family. Am I saying that one ceases to love a deeply flawed family member? Not at all. What I am saying is that if one has a family member who has committed grave crimes (such as being a traitor and NAZI collaborator), one's personal familial affection cannot override responsibility for the crimes committed by that family member. Truth demands justice and honesty. To speak of this NAZI "didus" in public, in this manner, profanes the memory of the victim/s.  As my sister said to me, "if I had a Nazi grandfather, he would be 'dead' to me. I would never mention his name. It would be as if he did not exist". But for Freeland, her NAZI grandfather has a message for Canadians! Such is her blind nationalist fanaticism!

It is very important to understand that Bandera and his NAZIS are not ancient history. The past few years has seen a very big upsurge of neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. Nazis and assorted nationalist fanatics have engaged in brutal violence, intimidation, mayhem and scandalous public displays of overt support for Nazism.

March of the Ukrainian Nazis

Dear friends, the Ukraine has yet to come to terms with her Nazi collaborationist past (e.g. constant excusing the Waffen SS Galicia Division, claiming mass murderers like Bandera as a "hero", as Freeland does). Genocidal crimes were committed, and it is a sad reality that due to corrupt geopolitics, we have the bizarre and obscene situations of neo-liberal globalists (such as Freeland), and even Jewish groups (such as the B'nai Brith Canada)  pandering to, and excusing Ukrainian fascists and neo-Nazis. I suspect a pathological hatred of Russia is behind these perverted alliances. 

Chrystia Freeland: how dare you speak of your Nazi grandfather. How dare you tell us how you admire him for his views on Canadian politics!

Frankly, Nazis have nothing to teach to Canadians about politics!

Do I expect you to apologize and resign? I am not that naive. However, I do hope that Canadians, who love their country, will step up and force you to resign. 


You are a disgrace to Canada 

* This post was originally composed prior to the revelations of the "blackface/brownface" outrages of the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. However, given Freeland's remark that Trudeau had desired to attend this extremist and xenophobic gathering, we begin to see a pattern emerging: whilst claiming to be anti-rascist, certain leading politicians in Canada are actually engaging in virtue signalling to immigrant communities (for whom incidentlly they privately have utter disdain and contempt) to buy votes, all the while engaging in "rascism of lower expectations", playing off the ancient hatreds that these communities bring to Canada. It is time that a very serious discussion takes place in Canada about various immigrant communities who have refused to come to terms with their NAZI past. Whereas other political parties have pandered for ethnic votes, to my knowledge they have never openly defended NAZIS and covered for collaborators. Until Chrystia Freeland came along.  


Irenaeus said...

Good post, Barona.

Jonah said...

Freeland is the tip of an iceberg of Canadian Nazi collusion. Not only did Canada refuse to accept Jewish refugees during the war, but Canadian elites were quite friendly to Nazi ideology -- notably Mackenzie King. Royal princes backed Hitler's rise. Canadian corporations traded with the enemy. Canadian institutions facilitated and covered up the immigration of Nazi war criminals with their plundered wealth after the war. Our prime minister's grandfather was a fascist. His father was a Petainist antagonistic to Charles de Gaul who waved Nazis into the country as Justice Minister. Justin's Gallitian sympathies are consistent with the arrogance afforded by his trust fund. Freeland is just his pet Nazi, like many I encountered at university and in industry.