Saturday, 26 February 2022

Canadian bishops issue Statement: NOT on Canada, but on the Ukraine (yet refusing to condemn NAZIs and Banderite fascists)

Cat got your tongue, bishops? Won't condemn Nazis?

Well, well the bishops of Canada do have a voice. Not one you would expect though. Not a voice of a shepherd for the flock actually entrusted to them. No, they only have a voice as lapdog apparatchiks for the Canadian neoliberal State, pumping out propaganda. Just as they did during the COVID Crisis.

You see dear friends, these bishops who have been appointed as the shepherds of Canadian Catholics, claim to be deeply concerned about human rights. But are they? Or is it just cheap politics? After all they were:

SILENT on the abuses over the past two years during the lock downs

SILENT on de fact  forced vaccinations

SILENT on vaccination adverse effects (including death)

SILENT on the Freedom Convoy

SILENT on Trudeau smearing millions of Canadians

SILENT on the State's invocation of the Emergencies Act

SILENT on police brutality

SILENT on civil liberties violations, including freezing of bank accounts


Yet what do we have here? The bishops swinging into action on an issue that does NOT involve shepherding their flocks, but rather involving themselves in political matters in a foreign war, firmly propping up the agitprop narrative for globalist neoliberalism. 


I have news for you, bishops of Canada: you are to be spiritual shepherds, NOT politicians. Stop dividing us! Stop the hypocrisy, Stop the lies! Start acting like bishops! 

I will add: if you ARE going to comment on the tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine, could you not - as Canadian bishops - CONDEMN the Canadian involvement in training the NAZI "Azov" Battalion which is an OFFICIAL arm of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (and not just one the many fascist Banderite and neo-Nazi militia).

So we can add: 

SILENT on Banderite fascists


SILENT on Canada's involvement in training  the Nazi "Azov" Battalion

March of the Ukrainian Nazis




Jonah said...

No doubt there are generous Ukrainian oligarchs owed much gratitude, but the bishops need to get a handle on the history of that region:

Metaphysical Doubts Concerning the Existence of Modern Ukraine, a 1918 Creation of the German General Staff

Everyday For Life Canada said...

It’s so much easier to apologize for the sins of the past and empathize with those who suffer far away from us, but to confront the evils at our feet and directly help those in need within our community, that’s another story. The bishops of Canada during this pandemic have simply been missing in action. Where is your faith? First, show me your works. St. James, pray for us.