Sunday 19 November 2017

Western Elite is spreading LIES about Poland

"60,000 Nazis march in Warsaw", so goes the HUGE and MONUMENTAL LIE being spread by an assortment of anti-Catholic and anti-Polish bigots. 

"Tens of thousands of neo-Nazis showed up in Poland..."

 "Today 60,000 neo-fascists marched openly in Poland".

"Poles, often participated in the killings".

 "Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and right-wing nationalists feel empowered to march on the streets..." 

LIES, LIES and more LIES. 

So claim the likes of Jewish Christ-haters: Jesse Lehrich, Maya Vinokour, Sally Kohn, Seth Abramson, Jan Gross, Anne Applebaum.... in the usual, Zionist owned media outfits. 

The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, etc., really distinguished themselves in spreading deliberate lies. But these lies have an aim: the enslavement - or if Poles refuse - the destruction of Poland, of CATHOLIC Poland. 

I ask: When will decent Jews stand up, reject these Jewish-Zionist, Christ-hating Pharisees and fascists?   


Fascinating that I watched the entire, nearly two and one half hour Polish State televised "Great Patriotic March", but did not see any "fascists", "Nazis", "nationalists", "rascists", a huge crowd of over 100,000. Yes, another HUGE LIE. Not 60,000, but 100,000 plus. 


That a few odd-balls, and western-controlled cranks walked alongside Polish patriots, to then pose for the western, Catholic and Pole-hating media, is a typical trick. Every country has crack pots. Even the Zionist State of Israel has more than its share. Remember the anti-Polish hatred of Yitzhak Shamir? The list is endless. 

To return to our Catholic and Pole-hating Zionists. Strange how they just happened to fly off from the US to far off Warsaw to - wait for it- find in a crowd of over 100,000 a few alleged "Nazis" and "fascists". As one of the War veterans who addressed the crowd said: "we have many traitors who are working with the Germans". So much for being Nazis. 


The banner calling for a "holocaust" against Muslims, was on a bridge and removed immediately by police. It had nothing to do with the Great Patriotic March. Another huge, LIE to smear the Polish patriots. 


Finally, the claim that the Great Patriotic March was not only Nazi, but fascist, xenophobic, anti-semitic (does this include hatred of Arabs too? After all they are semites as well), hateful, bigoted... and on and on is absolutely false. The March had everything to do about defending Poland, Catholic and of Latin culture against both west and east. 


The Great Patriotic March was then concluded with an address to the crowd of over 100,000 by two World War Two veterans from the AK. 

The first military veteran included the following amongst his remarks:

"I have a great suggestion that the noise of cosmopolitanism, globalism under banner of the golden calf; the claim that it can bring us freedom is the promotion of an error. We must oppose this. Only the Polish Republic will bring us independence and freedom. I also wish to add to this, that the Polish people; Poland, always was united with the influence of the Latin culture, and the base of this culture is the Roman Catholic Church....the result is that the idea of this March is very practical. Let us fight for a national Poland that is strong and will not bend to anyone; neither the west the east. May great Poland live!"
The second military veteran, included the following: 

"We have a lot of traitors, who are collaborating with the Germans against our government, this is a disgrace. Your patriotic obligation is to defend Poland at all costs. Let us proclaim three times: God, Honour and the Fatherland"
(Trans. Barona. You may use freely, but you must credit this blog) 

So there you have it, dear friends. The Great Patriotic March was about defending Catholic Poland. It was a call to defending the Nation against "cosmopolitanism, globalism", a call to independence and freedom. In listening to the veterans' remarks, we now know the real reasons why these pathological lying, anti-Christ, anti-Polish bigots and Zionists wish to destroy Poland. They hate Christ and His Church. 

Will you remain silent? Will you continue to bend the knee to anti-Christ forces? If you have a shred of Catholicism, you will defend Christian Poland (Polonia Christiana) from her enemies. They hate Poland on account of Poland trying to be loyal to Christ. 

You need to wake-up and look around you. Look at what is happening in your country. How long will you sit idly by and let cosmopolitanism and globalism spread its Anti-Christ cancer? 

[ By the way: just don't give me any "anti-semitism" talk or propaganda. My grandmother, along with my father (who was a young teenager) risked their lives to save Jews during the war. They went and handed food to Jews  through a barbed wire fence in Przemysl. If they had been caught, it would have been the death penalty. Incidentally, my father received NO money from the German Nazis, after the War. He, a Catholic Pole, was seized  by German troops off the streets and taken as a slave labourer to Germany and to occupied Norway. Being a creative, daring and innovative youth, he escaped to Sweden (a Nation that took care of him, and which I hold a special place in my heart for Swedes). My aunt too, was taken to Germany as a slave. But, to this day, Germany hands out billions to the Zionist, rascist, State of Israel, but nothing to Catholic Poland ]

So if you think you are going to pull the "anti-semite" trick on me, don't you bloody dare!


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Thank you very much.
I posted a number of comments under this evil propaganda. It has been very upsetting. My whole family lives in Poland. My Polish Grandparents saved a Jewish family's lives during WWII. When a certain Gross and a certain Applebaum constantly bash Poles as antisemites, one is tempted to become one. No way! You will not succeed, liars!

Ana Milan said...

Bravo Poland. We may not have a Catholic Pope & Hierarchy to defend you but the people will. Our prayers are being heard & God's enemies will be defeated. "You will be hated by everyone on account of My name, but the one who perseveres to the end will be saved." Matthew 10:22.