Friday, 19 February 2021

PROPAGANDA PULPITS: How the Bishops have been co-opted into being agents for the Government

 How many of you are aware that "faith leaders" have been recruited as PSYOP "influencers" by godless, pro-abortion, anti-family governments? 

Watch the following video. You can be sure that pro-abortion Theresa Tam has no time for religion, unless it is a propaganda tool of the Absolutist State. 


Following the "meeting " with Tam, the Archdiocese of Toronto proposed a "prayer to a so-called "god of love" (whatever that means). 


The blasphemous "prayer"

This "prayer" asks this "god" to "help us" get "vaccinated" with a "vaccine" [actually a gene therapy] that is made out of the cells of an aborted child. Did you get that?! We are to actually "pray" to this "god" for the reception of a drug that was made from the results of the murder of a child. The next petition is that this "god" "accelerate the healing..." I ask what healing is there from "vaccines" that have caused deaths, paralysis and other illness? Watch the following refutation by separated brothers of the big lie that these "vaccines" are a gift from God. As if good can come from evil! Did not St. Paul say that one cannot do evil that good may come from it?  


Reports have also come in from Rome that the Pope of the poor intends to fire those lowly lay faithful (those at the peripheries) who work in the Vatican who refuse to take "vaccines", including those made from a murdered child. The Pope of the peripheries is to dismiss those unimportant nuns who serve daily these corrupt Renaissance princes if they dare refuse these unethical and dangerous drugs. This from the same man who several times last year asked us to pray for the unemployed caused by COVID. Well, he has just come out as a tyrannical employer who intends to add to this unemployment. A full report is carried by Vox Cantoris. Do not be fooled friends, what happens in Rome will soon be trickling down to your dioceses. Will priests and nuns be ordered to take these "vaccines"? You can bet your life savings they will. Will evil bishops attempt to bar you from entry into a church? Some no doubt will. 

We have just reflected on how the institutional Church, from Her visible head in Rome, to the vast majority of bishops around the world have given up any pretext of being pro-life and are now aggressively promoting abortion-linked drugs. Again, let us listen to these separated brothers refute the decadent "evangelical" sects who have likewise thrown in with the government and abortion "vaccines". Every word they utter applies equally to the Pope and the bishops.


Now, I would like each of you to reflect on the following: these bishops are the same men who would tell us that they will stand up to the Man of Perdition, when he comes. That they will reject the Mark of the Beast. 

Do you still believe that? If they can accept abortion linked "vaccines" and excuse evil; shut their churches at the mere behest of public health officials,  there is no way - literally in Hell - that they will reject the Man of Sin, the Antichrist. Indeed, they will welcome him with open arms, just as they have welcomed the "anti-sacrament" of abortion-linked "vaccines".

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Brian said...

Your blood is boiling and justifiably so. I share your indignance. These bishops are pusillanimous invertebrates. They deserve the same scorching assessment that the prophet Ezekiel (Chs.23,34) gave to the shepherds of Israel.