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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Vatican "Light Show" could flash images of cars, planes and smoke ~ BUT NOT aborted babies!

The masonic light show, "Lux Fiat", that was illuminated on Vatican Hill yesterday flashed a wide assortment of images on St. Peter's Basilica. Amongst them were: motor cars in a junk yard, American B52s, and smoke billowing from stacks. Presumably, the message was how bad those bombers are, how bad are the products of technology, and so on. 

What the Vatican authorities and their masonic friends at the World Bank and the UN had no intention of showing were the worst form of environmental abuse: the destruction of human ecology; the disposal as waste of the human person. Forget cars and factories: abuse starts with the human person!! 

A car junk yard plastered on the great Basilica: the Sanctuary has been profaned

Disgusting. American B52s all over St. Peter's

Unholy smoke....all that is missing is the brimstone

And now to images that were missing, created by Toronto Catholic Witness: an aborted baby; and a living baby in the embryonic sac. You can imagine dear readers the outrage, the bile, the hatred from the Christ-haters had the Pope dared to project images in defense of human life. 

A butchered baby

A living baby

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Jack Wilson said...

People need to learn to see through such insidious, evil propaganda as this particular light show was. These New World Order manipulators are preparing the world for vast holographic projections in the upper atmosphere. Do not be taken in!