Monday 14 December 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner charged with violation of probation and mischief.

This morning Mary Wagner appeared in Rm 507 at the College Park Courts before a Justice of the Peace. The charges were: two violations of probation and mischief under $5000. The Crown offered the option of a surety, but Mary refused. Likewise Mary refused Legal Aid. She only spoke privately when conveying her wishes regarding these issues. 

Mary will appear in court again this coming Thursday morning at the College Park Courts in Rm 505 at 9 a,m. via video link from the Vanier Centre for Women. Bail and possible setting of a trial date may be discussed. 

This is not some minor issue. This is the issue of our time. History will judge accordingly. History will show that less banquets, less foolish political attacks, but more real, true Gospel of Life action - from the clergy on downwards would have nipped the culture of death movement in the bud. Far, far, far too many Catholics and other Christians had already compromised with the world, the flesh and the devil. The result is there to see. 

We see the sellout over abortion when we survey the continual collaboration between religious orders, cardinals, bishops, priests with known evil doers. We saw this during 1930s Nazi Germany. Do Catholics ever think about the actions of Msgr. Kaas? The sellout on abortion (just as they sold out on contraception and divorce) over the past 50 years has seen a further sellout over homosexuality. Once the sellout to abortion took place, it was natural that the sellout to homosexuality would take place. We have seen how silent the Holy See is on the issue of abortion. History too will judge. 

But far and above history, the God of history will judge: it will not be pleasant. God will call out each and every malefactor in the clergy who has but given token opposition to abortion. The question is: not why Linda and Mary are behind bars: but why "professional" pro-lifers are not there? The question is: where are the priests? Why have Linda and Mary not been invited on Salt and Light TV - whose head office is here in Toronto - to promote the Gospel of Life? Catholic priests need to show that militant abortion supporters are not welcome. Does one think that Nero or Caligula would be welcome in the company of the Apostles Peter and Paul and the saints, without repentance? We have all seen scandalous photographs of leading churchmen with political death peddlers. Would the Martyrs of Ancient Rome be sitting down for a banquet and frivolities with the murders of the virgin martyrs? 

Planned Parenthood donor, Katie Couric, 
posing with the promienent Matt Malone SJ 

Katie Couric posing at Salt and Light. IT was "an honout & privilege..."

Please keep her and Linda Gibbons, who has been dwelling in Vanier since September 2nd - awaiting trail on January 13th. 

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