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Thursday, 21 November 2019

How does the Archdiocese of Toronto explain the "Catholic lens" of schools OPENLY PROMOTING homosexuality?

Henry VIII: the Patron "Un-saint of Treachery" for the Archdiocese of Toronto? 

Catholics are still reeling from the Judas-kiss delivered during the night of November 8th, 2019, when an unprecedented last minute intervention by the Archdiocese of Toronto strong-armed the Toronto Catholic District School Board into passing a intrinsically evil resolution to include gender ideology in its "human rights code". 

This treachery extends beyond the Archdiocese of Toronto into every diocese across Ontario. Everyday for Life, Canada, an outstanding Catholic blog, provides us with some background details to a horrendous (and secretive) betrayal by the Bishops of Ontario back in 2016. With the tactic approval of Ontario's bishops, the "LGBT" juggernaut has been, like a grim reaper, stalking throughout the Province, striking down the last vestiges of Catholicism from one Board to the next. 

The Judas-kiss that the Archdiocese of Toronto gave to Catholic parents and their children was but the final act of betrayal by men who have long since lost any sense of fighting for Jesus and His Truths. They have forgotten His words for those who corrupt innocent children. If they truly believed Jesus' words that someone who corrupts a child will be sent to Hell, they would not be doing what they are doing. They would not betray children into the hands of sinners. They would not kneel before the godless State. They would chose Christ the King over Caesar. They would chose the salvation of the children's souls (and their own) over being mocked, humiliated, perhaps fined or even jailed for defending Christian Truths and innocent children.  

Sadly, these poor, pathetic men, rather than following the example of saintly bishops such as John Fisher or Clemens von Galen, have decided to follow the example of the sinful and cowardly bishops of Henry VIII's day, who threw in with the lustful, adulterous Monarch, under the delusion of  “so far as the law of God permits” excuse. Only Bishop Fisher resisted this deception and he paid for it with his blood. 

In our day, the Ontario bishops have thrown in with the Province of Ontario rebranding "so far as the law of God permits", with delusion of a "Catholic lens". 

Loretto College School viewing gender ideology through this "Catholic lens" 

Pray that these sad men reverse their capitulation to the State. Pray they come back and make a stand. Pray they begin to defend innocent children from being corrupted by wicked people who wish to indoctrinate children with an "evil ideology". 

A final word. It takes three for a troika. There is a lot of blame to go around.  It is not only the clergy. This betrayal involves also the teachers and the parents. We need to start asking some very serious questions about these so-called "teachers" who call themselves "Catholic", yet sit silently by doing nothing as children are corrupted. They are material accessories to sin.

More to come about the sinister influence of the pro-abortion, pro-"LGBT" so-called "Catholic" teachers' union, Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA). 


Everyday For Life Canada said...

This week in a Waterloo school students attended a workshop by an avtivist organization called Unlearn. It's about teaching children from traditional families to feel guilty about who they are. Even if they aren't prejudiced, they will be told that they suffer from "unconscious bias." This is what children have to "unlearn" The workshop pretends to teach children how to think, but it's a blatant lie. It's all about brainwashing vulnerable young minds to get them to accept gender identity and learn the alphabet of the ever expanding list of sexual orientations. Parents should not let their students attend these types of workshops. They should monitor what is going on in their local schools and demand to be informed about any school wide activity of this kind, and that parental consent must be sought before children can participate. Don't expect the school administrators to do it. They won't. Be proactive for the sake of the children's souls and safety.

Finally, on a personal note, thank you for the kind words of support. TCW too does a great job in defending the faith. Peace to you and your readers.

J Haggerty said...

*Once the layman was anxious to hide the fact that he believes so much less than the vicar; he now tends to hide the fact that he believes so much more. Missionary to the priests of one's own church is an embarrassing role; though I have a horrid feeling that if such mission work is not soon undertaken, the future history of the Church of England is likely to be short.*

From *C.S. Lewis The Authentic Voice* William Griffin (1986) Lion publications, page 373.

The faithful priests, together with the laity who hold to the Catholic Catechism, must now begin what C.S. Lewis called *the work of mission*.
This means evangelizing to the heretical Catholic hierarchy.

Gender Ideology, mediated through a Catholic lens, is a delusion as you say.

But the church of *accompaniment*, the church of Pachamama, labours under the delusion that it can absorb pagan ideas, not to say sin, and somehow transform them into grace.

Nowhere in the Gospel does the Lord Jesus instruct his church to do any such thing, since there can be no accommodation with paganism far less evil.
St. Paul never preaches accommodation, or *accompaniment*, with things that are not from God.

The Toronto hierarchy chickened out or took the easy path of *accompaniment*.
They have not the stomach for a protracted battle.
They have not the stomach for the Culture Wars.

If you are right, this is the situation in every diocese in Toronto and possibly all across Canada.

*Everyday for Life, Canada*, is an outstanding Catholic blog as you say, and I am grateful to you for informing me about it.

Missionary work to the hierarchy and to those misguided Catholic teachers must begin now.

That means you will have to organize and strategize.

You are missionaries in a pagan country.
Missionaries in a paganized church.

A thankless task, indeed an impossible one, unless you are anointed with the Holy Spirit.

J Haggerty said...

The Vortex - The Soros Swamps.
21 November 2019. Church Militant. YouTube.

The *swamp monsters* have been at work, undermining the identity and self-understanding of the Catholic Church.

The two centres of their agenda are Rome and Washington, though President Trump is no part of their new world order, which may be why he is feared even in Britain by the anti-Christian left.

Hilary Clinton and the Democrats were, and are, instrumental in undermining true Catholic teaching.
Once the Number One Enemy of the new world order, at least under Pope Benedict, the Catholic Church is now supporting the agenda under Pope Francis.

The Soros foundations gave massive funding to the gay and transgender movement, which has morphed into Gender Ideology.

The word that comes to mind is sinister.

J Haggerty said...

Thanks, Everyday For Life Canada.

The activists promoting *Unlearn* in schools are every bit as sinister as anything one would expect to find in the cults, such as Scientology and the Unification Church.

The situation is far worse than we can know.
Catholics will have to go on the offensive, always peaceably and within the law, and unmask this diabolical new cult of Unlearn.

Unlearn is child abuse.
If the bishops do not condemn it, they are in league with it.
And if they are in league with it, then the bishops are child abusers too.