Monday, 6 April 2020

KEEP OUR CHURCHES OPEN! ~ How faithless bishops locked Catholics out of their churches

Catholics will remember those bishops and priests who indiscriminately boarded up our churches without any distinction or logical reasoning. 

Faithful Catholics are looking for St. Damien, the Leper Martyr of Molokai. 

They are looking for Bishop Michael Power, the Typhus Martyr of Toronto. 

They are looking for bread, but being given stones. 

Catholics will remember those bishops who even preempted the secular authorities in their mad scramble to lock us out of our churches. 

Catholics will remember those bishops and priests who have gone into hiding, served by underlings in their mansions and plush houses. 

Catholics will remember the cowardice, the betrayal, the treachery.  

These men have gone so far as to close the churches for private prayer. 

I can tell you from personal experience that dropping into a church during the day you will be by yourself 19/20. Even during corona, as I wrote earlier, in my parish, there was at one time only three people. 

But no, all the parishes without distinction have to be boarded up. Even those up on (e.g.) Georgian Bay. 

If coronavirus was raging in downtown Toronto, with 100 deaths per day, yes, lock the parishes in the downtown. But to be locking up churches far north of the city? This is not based on science, this is based on hysteria. 

But Catholic will ALSO remember something else. 

Catholics will remember the few bishops and priests who were faithful. The bishops and priests who WERE seen, and not hiding under their beds.

Catholics will remember those bishops who came out publicly and blessed the city with the Blessed Sacrament. 

Catholics will also remember those priests who came out publicly and blessed 
the parish, the neighbourhood with the Blessed Sacrament. 

Friends, extraordinary times requires extraordinary measures. Catholics will remember those faithful priests who placed the Blessed Sacrament in the Window, so that the faithful passing by, could adore. 

Here in Archdiocese of Toronto ALL churches are boarded up without distinction. That means EVERY church, even those far north of the dense city, in the countryside. This is madness. 

And the Catholics who follow them? Sheep. The blind following the blind.

Here is a beautiful Latin Mass organized in a parking lot, following all appropriate measures to ensure more than enough safety. This could be replicated in so many archdiocese, especially in smaller towns, where the Mass can be safely celebrated. You are going to tell me this cannot be done in some of the parishes in your diocese or archdiocese?


Some Catholics have been blessed. They have not been given stones, but bread. Catholic bishops (very, very few) have, such as Bishop Strickland been seen in public blessing his people (even as he said also nonbelievers, for every man without exception has Jesus Christ is under Jesus Christ). We also know that a number of priests in Italy have given their lives for the faithful.

When this is all over, the lines will have been drawn. Just as Coronavirus is showing us those bishops and priests who did abandon the faithful, the virus also revealed those who did not. A separate issue, but very concerning too is the eagerness with which far too many Catholics joined these men of little faith, in cheering them on. 

The following are screenshots from Dioceses and Archdiocese where the Bishop still has Catholic common sense. You may be surprised by some of the bishops: but God ways are mysterious. 

During a crisis we will see what we do not expect: the "novus ordo" Catholic stepping up for the Faith and becoming a martyr, and the "traditional" Catholic falling away into apostasy. Our ways are not God's ways. 

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