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Cardinal Collins claims he was BULLIED by Toronto Public Health into BANNING Holy Communion on the Tongue!

A grim-faced Cardinal Collins talking about 
Toronto Public Health's threats against the Catholic Church 

Vox Cantoris has just posted an extremely troubling video in which Cardinal Collins claims he was bullied into surrendering to the illegal and aggressive demands of the public health authorities in Toronto. Vox reviews a number of serious implications going forward about rogue State bureaucrats taking over the doctrinal and liturgical practices of the Church, and their attacks upon the right of free worship in Canada. 

I have read five "guidelines" so far: Ontario Public Health, Toronto Public Health, York Region Public Health, Middlesex-London Health Unit, and KFLA & Public Health. Whereas Ontario Public Health, Toronto Public Health and FFLA & A, are on record to SUPPRESS Holy Communion outright, York Region makes NO mention, and Middlesex-London refers to "sharing a chalice" and "food and beverages". There is no doubt that most public health authorities do not consider Christian worship essential to human life. That is because their conception of life is purely materialistic and atheistic. If you read the documents it is plain to see. But the FACT remains: Holy Communion was NOT banned under Ontario legislation (O. Reg 52/20). It is NOT even mentioned. 

Ontario Public Health admits as much when their document states that "in the event of a conflict between this document and...emergency orders or directives prevail [O.Reg. 52/20]. In other words they admit these "guidelines" do NOT have the force of law.  Incredibly though, they are going about the Province trying to intimidate and bully churches. In Ontario we have public health officials illegally and unconstitutionally going about interfering in public acts of worship!

Ontario Public Health admits its guidelines may conflict with the Law 

Ontario Public Health tries to BAN Holy Communion  

In the video Cardinal Collins can be seen squirming uncomfortably as he states Toronto Public Health wanted to outright ban Holy Communion. He is correct, it is in their "guidelines". What he did not point out is that the same "guidelines" in the very same line after "banning" Holy Communion duplicitously refers this "ban" to Ontario Public Health. We have seen the duplicitous nature of that document too.  

Cardinal Collins in the video paraphrases the medical authorities reaction to Holy Communion on the tongue [39:30]:


Cardinal Collins then reflects on what he thinks Toronto Public Health will do if he didn't suppress this most Catholic practice: 


To try to placate them he then took the position we know, and claimed it was Toronto Public Health's "strong recommendation. This obviously is not true. 

The Archdiocese of Toronto's Surrender to illegal and unconstitutional attacks

Toronto Public Health called for a TOTAL BAN on Holy Communion 

The Cardinal even went on to lament that Holy Communion in the hand  was a terrible mistake, and that it should have never been permitted in the 1970s. Cardinal Collins comes across as a tragic man, conflicted in his thinking, perhaps surrounded and advised by worldly men who wish nothing more than to go along to get along with secular humanism. Paradoxically in retaining Holy Communion in the hand the Cardinal proves that Toronto Public Health overstepped its authority, and has no mandate from Premier Ford to illegally interfere with religious worship. However, his inability to stand up for Catholic rights gives the rogue officials the victory, for they have formally interfered in worship. The Cardinal has admitted it on the video. This is a trojan horse attack on religious liberty. 

There was, and is a way out for Cardinal Collins. He can pick up the phone and  call Archbishop Muhall (who did NOT cave to the bullies) for advice. The Public Health authority in Kingston (KFLA & A Public Health) declared the following: "Discontinuing communion is strongly recommended at this time". Notice how they are trying to circumvent Ontario Law by "recommending"? They know this because they are aware it would be illegal to SUPPRESS Holy Communion. However, they failed in their attempt at intimidation as His Grace, Archbishop Michael Muhall of Kingston not only allows Holy Communion, but follows Catholic doctrine and Law regarding Holy Communion on the tongue.

Cardinal Collins could telephone Premier Doug Ford (who is not an anti-Christian bigot). Sadly, someone dissuaded him from standing up; did his lawyers advise him that the Toronto media would make him look "bad", that they would try to shame him? Here we can only speculate. But the result was, intimidated and humiliated, he "took the knee" before these godless rogues and capitulated. Rather than DEFEND Catholics rights, he has allowed a HUGE step forward into surrendering our rights. Does anyone think that giving into bullies works? Cardinal Collins surrendered to the "LGBT" bullies last year at the school Board. It doesn't work with bullies, they always come back for more. 

But at least now we know the TRUTH: Cardinal Collins caved before the power and wrath of local unelected, power-hungry health officials, many of whom are openly anti-religious bigots.  He must now come out and tell us the full truth. If power-mad officials threatened to close Catholic churches we MUST know. We have a RIGHT to know. He has a duty before God and Man. He has a duty to inform the Premier, and instigate civil litigation against the various public health units for their illegal and unconstitutional encroachment on religious worship. 

The curtain on the question of who these rogue bureaucrats is drawn back when, as an example, we consider Toronto's political appointee, the "Catholic" (?) , Eileen de Villa. According to Toronto Life de Villa has spent time "...working with the UN Population Fund to create sexual health clinics in developing countries". Charming. That's the kind of brownie point on a CV that gets you a top job in leftist-elitist Mayor John Tory's Toronto. 

Being Archbishop of Toronto is tough. The bishop has to be tough, he has to be ready to take the gloves off. Toronto is run by a hard-left, downtown gang of business and media elitists with no sense of the supernatural. It takes guts to stand up and defend the Church. They  are the enemies of not only Christianity, but anything that hints of the Divine. The surrender by ineffectual, cowardly bishops (Cardinal Collins is but one of many) to such people bodes badly for the future. Pray our bishops repent and stand up for Christ. Whatever they do, or do not do, let us never be fearful, let us ALWAYS stand up for Christ. 

Addendum: Canadians think that Americans enjoy far greater religious liberty, without concern of government encroachment and persecution. Not true. This sobering article, Religious Liberty - The Second Class Right documents the insidious attacks and serious erosion on religion liberty in the United States over the past few decades. 

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