Friday, 26 June 2020

Bishop Ronald Fabbro caught LYING about Holy Communion BAN on the Hand

The new "COVID Mass" Communion Rite
as demonstrated on video, courtesy of the Diocese of London, Ontario 

Bishop Ronald Fabbro of London (Ontario), has distinguished himself by  BANNING Confession in his Diocese with the commencement of SARS-CoV2.* To add to this great EVIL, we can now reveal that the bishop has been exposed LYING to the faithful. In the screenshot below, Bishop Fabbro claims that the Middlesex-London Health Unit directed him to distribute Holy Communion in the hand only. Bishop Fabbro: "ON THE DIRECTION OF MEDICAL AUTHORITIES, COMMUNION MUST BE DISTRIBUTED ONLY IN THE HAND".

Bishop Fabbro's LIE about Holy Communion on the hand 

But is this true? 

Let us see just what Middlesex-London Health Unit published. The following is the entire "Guideline":

The fact is the "guidelines" only mention "avoid activities...drinking from chalice" [but only if shared], and "avoid preparing distributing food and beverages"The "guidelines" do NOT state how Holy Communion is to be distributed, they do NOT even mention Holy Communion at all. There was NO "direction", NO order. 

If Bishop Fabbro is interpreting Holy Communion as "food and beverages", (besides the blasphemous flippancy of the godless health authorities) the fact is it is "guidance" and not Law. 

Let us be clear, The Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford has issued a Law (O.52/20) and there is NO mention of liturgical rites, NO mention of the Sacraments, NO mention of the the Blessed Eucharist and how it is to be distributed to the faithful. The Premier has not interfered in the Church's Divine Liturgy and Sacraments in any way. 

In fact, illegal and unconstitutional meddling, threats and interference has come from rogue public health officials producing "guidelines" and "guidance". It must be added that Middlesex-London has NO authority to comment on and interfere in how priests of the Catholic Church drink the Precious Blood from the Chalice. Nor do they have ANY authority to change Catholic worship in any manner. That authority belongs solely to the Pope, and to those whom he delegates. 

Bishop Fabbro should be concerned about this open attack on religious liberty, and he should be publicly rebuking the attempt by these faceless rogue bureaucrats to dare tell the Catholic Church how to conduct Her Sacred Liturgies. One has to ask: what has happened to the Bishop Fabbro of 2005 who rebuked and sanctioned a pro-gay Member of Parliament? Or the Bishop Fabbro of 2018 who stood down Trudeau over abortion? What is going on? Why has Bishop Fabbro become a milquetoast? 

Friends, it is a very serious act to publicly reprimand and address a bishop of the Catholic Church as a "liar". But we do so with full appreciation of this act. He has GRAVELY abused the faithful, and he must be called to account. We call upon Bishop Fabbro to confess his public lie and deception of the Catholic faithful, to repent, and to immediately reinstate Confession (which he has diabolically deprived the faithful), and to immediately retract his false, illegal and immoral edict mandating Holy Communion only on the hand. 

Finally review the scandalous video put out by the Diocese of London. In it directives are given to priests and "Eucharistic Ministers" [sic] to disinfect their hands if they inadvertently touch a Communicant's hands! This is sacrilege! Gone is the careful and essential rubric of purification with water to ensure that EVERY particle is reverently cared for whilst the REAL PRESENCE dwells under the appearance of bread.

* Bishop Fabbro lifted after NEARLY THREE MONTHS, lifted his canonically illegal ban on Confession in late June.  


Anonymous said...


I attend Mass in the London Diocese. I only take communion on the tongue. So this past Sunday I simply took a blessing rather than receive communion in the hands. I do need to point out an error in your article. You make the assertion that the Bishop is not allowing confessions. I would like to inform your readers that last Sunday I was able to have my confession at my Church which is located in the the Bishop's Diocese. God bless.

Anonymous said...

But Bishop Fabbro did prohibit Confession completely until last week.

Phineas said...

In some ways the Covid Mass will hasten the demise of the Novus Ordo, for which I'm thankful. There are so many secular restrictions now in place that the supernatural element in the Sacrifice of the Mass has been practically obliterated. And that's with 10 days of re-opening. This is going to go on for much longer than anyone expects. So long Novus Ordo, you overstayed your welcome by 50 years.

Barona said...

Anonymous 6:55. Correct. Until last week Bishop Fabbro DIABOLICALLY suppressed Confession. The last time such acts were undertaken like that was by apostate bishops during the Protestant Revolt.