Monday 22 June 2020

CORONA COMMUNION KIOSK ~ Get your Plexiglass "Covid Mass" kiosk

The Corona Communion Kiosk  

The new Rite of the "Covid Mass" continues to evolve. Today, we present the sacrilegious  "Corona Communion Kiosk" that is being used in all parishes in the Diocese of Victoria, B. C.

Step right up to the eucharistic picnic

Bishop Gary Gordon (or, as he likes to be called: "Bish") has decided that the priest/presbyter will place the Host on the hand of the Communicant through an opening in a large Plexiglass panel. 

Welcome to the sacrilegious Covid Mass 

From Gordon's Liturgical Directives:

As there will be a small number of parishioners (below 50), only the priest/presider will distribute Communion, which will be distributed on the hand only. 
The priest/presider is to use hand sanitizer after receiving his own Communion and prior to the distribution to others.

Hand sanitizer is to be utilized at the end of the distribution of communion, and any time the fingers of the priest/presider touch the hand of a communicant. 
The priest/presider will stand behind a clear Plexiglas screen (provided to all the parishes by the Diocese) which will need to be installed on a table at the front of the aisle for the parishioners to present their hands for communion. 
All parishioners will be invited to come forward at Communion in single file, while maintaining social distancing guides provided on the floor. 
Those who do not receive communion and desire a blessing are welcome to come forward, as one does for communion. The priest/presider must not touch the individuals and maintain the safe distance rule of 2 meters.

Dear friends, we have entered upon a period of satanic profanation of the Real Presence of Christ, led by the very men who should be defending the Real Presence as the Greatest Gift of God.  

These men are trying to hoist on the Faithful outrages that are unthinkable, outrages that openly mock the Divine Majesty in the Holy Eucharist. 

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Phineas said...

Today at the 7:30 Mass at St. Michael's Cathedral, Cardinal Collins in his homily waxed eloquent on how Saints John Fisher and Thomas More stood firm in opposing the temporal powers of the day.

Any comparison to his conduct in the COVID crisis was left unspoken. The sight of His Eminence putting on a mask before distributing Our Lord to the flock - in the hand - actually made me a little sick to my stomach. Just appalling.