Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Communist Infiltration in the White House? Kushner, Esper.... just how many traitors are there?

The traitor rots the soul of a nation...

It is naive to think that this geopolitical crisis is the good, old USA versus evil, wicked communist China. My country right or wrong, is absolutely not Christian. America, ceasing to be Christian, is deeply spiritually corrupt, and her most dangerous enemy is within, not in Beijing. The truth is that in both countries, very rich and powerful globalists are operating at the highest collaborative levels to bring about a godless, worldwide empire. There is a hidden hand that wishes to see a major military confrontation between the US and China that would bring about the collapse of both countries, and usher in the global empire. 

This hidden hand also realizes that time is running out in China, as within 10 years China will have more Christians (and far better ones, as they have had to suffer) than the US, and Red China will collapse with the Christians defeating it from within. This, the godless globalists in both countries are striving to stop. Be prepared for increased propaganda for war with China. Ask yourself "qui bono"? As this post was drafted about a good month ago, I need to interject a mention of the recent and ongoing organized uprising of militant communists, anarchists - manipulated by powerful, hidden globalist forces. This is but a further sign of America's moral decline and inner rot. 

The real problem is Washington, New York, Wall Street. President Trump's biggest weakness during his four years has been appointing or allowing globalist rats and snakes to hold positions of power and influence. To mention just one example, let us consider the very strange case of Jared Kushner. The following video is very creepy. 

Isn't it nice to know that President Trump's closest "advisor" raises his daughter to praise the mass-murderer, persecutor of Christians, and concentration camp commandant, Xi Jinping as "Grandpa Xi"? Aren't you edified? Especially as there is an organized communist uprising taking place on American streets? It tells you a LOT about Jared and Yael Kushner (aka "Ivanka Trump" and her long time business associations with the killers in Beijing) and where they are coming from. 

Does Jared Kushner know something about the future of America that Trump doesn't? Does Kushner have inside information from his globalist friends and co-conspirators about a worldwide communist revolution? 

The Kushners' involvement with globalists, communists, and their  apologists simply follows in the long tradition of other capitalists who funded revolution motivated by hatred of Christ and the destruction of Christian civilization. Lenin himself was funded by the banker Parvus, being sent with millions from Switzerland in a train bound for Russia. In New York, Trotsky received millions from his long time supporter, the banker Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Trotsky was transported by Schiff back to Russia with a gang of Lower East Side desperados to facilitate the largest bloodbath of Christians in history. Schiff was also a major contributor to Wilson's presidential campaign that would see the creation of the bankers' dream project: the Federal Reserve. Schiff was no fool, he hated the United States as much as he hated Russia. 

A huge part of the problem is the silence of the "conservatives". Let us be honest: switch Trump for Obama in the above video and the howls of outrage from fake news "conservative" media (in reality just another arm of globalism, set up as window dressing to give false hope, and delude the impressionable) would be deafening about the President's pro-communist "advisor". The silence from the controlled "conservative" fake news media is most telling. They, like the communists and globalists are just another grave digger of America. 

Not a dime's worth of difference....except for the fool 

The "conservative" fake news media, like their Bolshevik counterparts, are seeped in materialism, and therefore are godless. They have no solutions, because the problem is spiritual. Think of Weimar Germany in the 20s, or Tsarist Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, and you see that America stands at the precipice. The weaponization of the coronavirus, the street wars of the anarchists and communists is a "dress rehearsal", a "testing of the waters" for a future revolution. The absolute failure of the Catholic churchmen during the coronavirus crisis and the relentless attack on civil liberties, has no doubt warmed the hearts of the globalists. Spiritually leaderless, and given the general moral degeneracy and absolute refusal to repent of sin and return to Jesus Christ by the American population, there will be no turning back,  and the fall of America is inevitable.

American patriots need to start asking some very serious questions as to just what is going on in the White House, in Washington D.C., and on Wall Street. 

The enemy is deep within. The enemy has been rotting America's soul for decades. 

Bishop Fulton Sheen was correct: when America falls it will be from within. 2020 will be remembered as the year in which communism (under the mantel of global atheistic materialism) made the Leninist two steps forward. There will be the Leninist one step back of course (how magnanimous of them!), and the Fed's "repo" manipulated stock market will go up, and the fools will cheer. But that will merely be another confirmation that people have not repented and that Bishop Sheen's prediction will come true. 

UPDATE: 2020-06-03.  Today marks a shift towards open sedition and insurrection. There are further efforts to isolate and incapacitate the President's efforts to suppress the ongoing communist revolution. 

President Donald Trump is now besieged my enemies and traitors. 

Who removed the 82 Airborne Division out of Washington? 
Who ordered the Security Perimeter to be reduced around the White House? 

ANOTHER snake, rat is Defense Secretary Esper. He publicly attacked and opposed the President in an impromptu Press Conference. He has the right to privately offer advice, he does NOT have the right to publicly oppose the President. THIS IS SEDITION. Who advised Trump to appoint this Deep State neocon traitor? He must be fired along with ALL the wretched infiltrators in the White House. He must go along with the Kushners.  


AMalek said...

To suggest that Trump would allow his daughter to marry a Communist sympathizer is a stretch. Talk is Xi has his own Deep State and is working with Trump to oust the CCP and its central bankers.

Barona said...

"Talk is"....Sorry, I am not going that rabbit hole of Xi Jinping being a "good guy". Would that argument be trotted out under Obama? In fact, fantasies that engaging Bolshevism have been trotted out for the past 3 decades; it was Clinton's (Greenspan's policy), with also massive support from Republicans as well, who built up Red China under the illusion that they will reform. It simply resulted in Red China’s massive rise in power.

The Xi "the secret reformer/good guy" would be good news. But alas, it is not true given the millions in the concentration camps, the forced labour, abortions, sterilizations, the destruction of churches etc. In fact, under Xi religious persecution has INCREASED. That is a FACT. It is always a question of following the EVIDENCE. If you read Xi’s doctrine, which he has outlined, it follows consistently Deng Zao Ping and Mao Tse-Tung. This increased persecution all the more exposes who the Kushners are.

Barona said...

As to Kushner. I am stating what he is based on the EVIDENCE: he is a globalist, connected to not only Soros, but Wexner (who financed the Epstein-Mossad blackmail ring), he is a Talmudist, Kabbalist, an enemy of Christ and His Church.

Trump “allowed” his daughter to do something worse than even "marry" a communist sympathizer, which Kushner certainly is, as other international bankers were and are. Trump allowed his daughter to "convert" and join the Chabbad Lubavitch sect therefore explicitly denying Jesus Christ came in the Flesh. Be that as it may, he could not stop her as she was an adult but he could have disinherited her. Sadly he did not, and the use of grandchildren to manipulate a besotted grandfather is truly despicable.

Jared Kushner is a very dangerous threat as he may possibly Trump's "handler". Tucker Carlson – the only voice in the fake news “conservative” media - had the courage to state what many of us knew for the last four years. The question is: will Trump remove his neocon enemies, will he remove the Kushners, or will he break with Carlson? The question also arises: why are the Kushners in the White House in the first place? Will Carlson push this further or back off? Time will tell.

A very grave error is to think of communists as men with bayonets, hats with red stars, coming up the path with handcuffs. As Fr. Malachi Martin said, Wall Street is infested with communists. One could say that China is run by communist-capitalists, whilst America (and the rest of the West) are run by capitalist-communists. Thus the two meet, as they meet with their other internationalist friends with whom they are plotting a godless worldwide empire.

One cannot have it both ways: Trump is now denouncing Xi. But, if your story is true, Trump is a liar. No, Trump is well aware that Xi is a bad guy. But It must stated again: he has appointed these snakes and rats, allowed them to stay in the White House. Which then raises the question again: Is Trump being blackmailed, threatened? And by whom? Are Trump’s shifts in policy due to being compromised by the Blackmail Ring? This is a possibility given Trumps’ unfortunate association with Epstein in the 90s when Trump was a notorious “ladies man”. Trump has given many hints as to his connections with Epstein on the Howard Stern Show, as well as his past business connections with Roy Cohn, the homosexual mobster and “fixer”. This may explain why the FBI has NOT raided the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, nearly a year on; and the promised investigation into the “suicide” never took place. Neither of these two facts have been raised by the fake news “conservative” media. Because there are very rich American men (including fake news “conservatives”) who are being blackmailed by the Epstein-Wexner Ring.

However, Trump’s visit to the Shrine of Pope St John Paul II, is the first public manifestation in his presidency displaying that he realizes that he needs God’s help. The visit to the Shrine to those of us who have Polish ancestry cannot help but see the potency in this visit to a Pope who fought communism. It is a statement without words that Trump is aware that there is an organized communist revolution taking place, and that only God can deal with this evil force.

To conclude: comments excusing Xi Jinping, downplaying White House officials flirting with communism will not be tolerated. AMERICA IS PRESENTLY IN CRISSI WITH AN ACTIVE, COMMUNIST REVOLUTION TAKING PLACE. It is highly organized, financed. It needs to be smashed and NOW.

Communists and their sympathizers (such as Kushner) are occupying powerful positions in government, business, police, media, and academia. THIS IS AN INSURRECTION AND TREASON. AS THIS BLOG REACHES THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, I SHALL REVIEW EACH COMMENT ACCORDINGLY

Irenaeus said...

The only question is - why doesn't Trump fire Kushner? The answer I gravitate towards is that by firing him, Trump would instigate a crisis.

John Haggerty said...

*The silence of the conservatives*: A haunting phrase.

I can't be the only one who laments the absence of Jordan Peterson from the Coronavirus lockdown discussion, due only to his near fatal health issues - God speed his recovery.

Your piece reminded me of the kind of combative essay I used to enjoy in the defunct Encounter magazine (I have scores of back copies), a journal that was either regarded as *right-wing* or *liberal anti-communist* depending on your point of view - I thought of it as liberal anti-communist and it helped shape my thinking as much as Chesterton, Orwell and Solzhenitsyn.

The powerful anti-Christian social forces that have overtaken Western societies (starting in the 1960s) may well be due (in part) to cultural Marxism as Professor Peterson has said. Would this not be a better term than communist, Barona? George Soros and Bill Gates can hardly be called communist.

In my own unimportant little country to be anti-progressive is seen as being morally repulsive. A woman received IVF treatment at the taxpayers' expense because she wished to bear a child for two young homosexual men who want to be dads. To oppose the New Family Agenda (my own term) is to be a reactionary.

In Scotland, as in the rest of the United Kingdom, the lockdown is almost over. People are very restless and the young are no longer maintaining social distancing. But all the older Catholics I know are still terrified of catching coronavirus; and they don't seem to be bothered by the closure of their churches and the unavailability of the Eucharist.

I still cannot see a globalist conspiracy in all of this as you do, though I can see that there are change-making agendas that will take of advantage of the coronavirus crisis.

I can recommend: *America Burning: Trump, Francis and the war* from Michael J Matt. Remnant Video 31 May 2020. YouTube.

John Haggerty said...

A further thought, Corona.

We are still in the age of Romanticism (a point Canadian-born Saul Bellow made in an interview). And many of the progressive ideas that are current in society have their roots in European Romanticism, a posthumous term that only became current in the 20th Century - see the book *Romantic Affinities* (1994) by Rupert Christiansen.

There were admirable things about the 1960s such as Martin Luther King, Civil Rights, the antiwar movement, a growing awareness of Third World poverty, the Green Movement.

But it is not difficult to see the ideas of Rousseau in Haight Ashbury, the hippies, and the Woodstock music festival.

Marx was rebooted by Marcuse and Sartre for the New Left. Christian revelation was overthrown by the arrival of Indian gurus, and the fascination with Buddhism, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, magic, gnosticism, and Freemasonry.

The idea that we can start again, and be anything we want to be, goes back to Rousseau and Shelley. In the 1960s, marriage and the Christian family came under relentless attack.

In the 21st Century, the Christian family is a relic of another age, and even the binaries of male and female are being abandoned because of Gender Ideology. You can change your sex if you want to, or be male today and female tomorrow. Children are now taught this in schools.

We can call this cultural Marxism (go online and read about it) but it is also the triumph of neo-Romanticism. Even the One World Religion is romanticist in its origins. It has created a spiritual landscape in which a thousand flowers bloom. Everything but supernatural Christianity. Jesus as Lord, Saviour, and King has been ridiculed by the media.

Unless Christianity rediscovers its missionary identity it will go into a long eclipse. This missionary call is now the responsibility of every Christian alive, whether Catholic or Protestant.

In the Dark Ages the faith survived because of places like Skellig Michael, off the coast of Ireland, where monks preserved the Scriptures. We need faith strongholds like this today if we are to reconvert the pagan West. It will begin in our cities, colleges, and malls.

We are blessed that President Trump and the First Lady are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Barona said...

Now we can add Mattis as another snake. His treachery is being rewarded with cheers. The inability to arrest, remove traitors and subversives reflects the slipping away of any real power the President may retain. There is no doubt that these highly organized riots have morphed into another coup attempt; I have noticed that since March Trump seems to be listless, tentative; no doubt realizing that he is surrounded by traitors. A major part of the problem is the Cabinet. To my recollection not one of the influential positions is occupied by a member of Trump’s base; no Middle Americans. To the contrary, positions of power are held by career bureaucrats, east coast elitists, Wall Street bankers, if you lie down with dogs you get fleas.

The US economy has tanked and it will not be coming back to even close to what it was. Reflective of this is the 7 trillion the Fed pumped into the repo market to artificially inflate stock prices over the last 6 months of 2019. Add to the crisis the extra 6 trillion in debt. Now the bankers will revive the economy as they need real money to pay the interest. Middle America the powerless, the deplorable will be called upon to keep the economy afloat. But the US I’d not heading back to the booming economy of 2018.

J Haggerty said...

Newt Gingrich: *This is a war against American civilization.*

1 June 2020. Fox News. YouTube.

Barona said...

Thanks for reminding me of Gingrich. Americans need to think carefully and study history. He is another fake “conservative” who devoted his career to speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He too, like many Republicans, promoted China and even went so far as to praise Jiang Zemin. Gingrich was a bought and paid for lackey of powerful financial interests who were outsourcing America. He is but another east coast elitist.

John Haggerty said...

*Catholic - News Report - Vigano: Hierarchy Serving the Devil.*

June 3 2020. Church Militant. YouTube.

Archbishop Vigano, who is said to be *still in hiding*, exposes the heresy of the One World Relgion, which has its roots in Freemasonry.

Does this have any relevance to the organised rioting in the United States, and the embattled position in which President Trump now finds himself?

Yes, it does. What happens in America causes ripples that are felt all over the world. We care when America is in trouble. Their bad news is our bad news.

The President has comes under virulent attack for holding up his Bible outside a closed Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. He is accused of using the Bible for a cheap photo-op, ironic when you consider how low the Bible is held by the political and cultural elite in the USA.

Catholic bishops and priests, who are all Democrats to a man, smell blood and have started attacking the President in fairly predictable ways. Why be surprised?

CNN then broadcasts an interview with an elderly Catholic priest who says that abortion is not the only moral issue we should be concerned about.
Then the priest gives a long statement about social justice that could have been written by a Democrat speech writer. We don't learn what the priest's record is on speaking out about the killing of babies in utero.

As you say Barona, there are capitalist-communists and communist-capitalists, which means that powerful men are ready to use the deep state in order to push through their own globalist agendas.

I don't think this is conspiracy, it is the way power works. The American media is largely down on President Trump, and they have the backing of the Catholic hierarchy. It's going to get ugly from now on.

Add on the possibility of blackmail and the Epstein-Wexner ring, and you have power play at its most sinister. The journalists will have a field day as will the Pulitzer Prize biographers. Remember when they wrote about Roy Cohn and that den of snakes?

But it is a sad day for democracy, for the United States, and for the hopes we had in the Trump presidency. Even Ann Coulter deserted the Trump ship.

But this is a good time for Archbishop Vigano to speak out, calling the Catholic Church to take up once again her rightful prophetic role in the world, calling for a restoration of sound doctrine and moral teaching.

Maybe Bishop Barron will surprise us all and publicly support Archbishop Vigano. It's time to get off the fence, Bob!

Barona said...

John, thanks for your post.

There is an excellent book by Maritain called "The Three Reformers: Luther, Descartes and Rousseau". These men cast a very long shadow over this crisis. The early 20th century French Catholic philosopher Jacques Vialatoux argued that liberalism emerged from two main influences: Descartes and Locke. Luther himself was a nominalist, which prepared the way for liberalism. Vialatoux argued that Descartes prepared the way for Kant, then Fitche, Schelling and Hegel. Who in turn, was taken up in a historicist and purely materialistic manner by Marx (in this sense contradicting Hegel's idealism). Locke on the other hand prepared the way for Hume, Stuart Mill and social materialism. Both trends withdraw economics being subordinate to politics, and politics and economics subject to the binding Law of Christ. In both systems the Christian and citizen are split (this emerged from Luther).

Society, either Hegelian or Lockian ends up with men being autonomous moral agents with their final end detached from Christ. It is interesting to note that both prongs of liberalism are messianic. Mankind is always progressing, moving to greater things, onwards and upwards.
What I see that has emerged is a type of hybridized blend of Hegelianism and Lockianism. We see this in the capitalist-communists in Beijing, Hanoi, and the communist-capitalists in New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt.

That is why Bishop Fulton Sheen issued his dire warning to Americans in 1965. Of course his warning goes for the entire "West"; it was that he happened to be addressing an American audience. Catholics should also carefully study Pius XII 1949 Christmas message where he warned of the rise of totalitarian materialism in "both systems".

John Haggerty said...

I am indebted to you for telling me about *The Three Reformers*.
I shall obtain a copy through a book-search site.

In the meantime I have copied your words into my notebook, ending with your reference to Pope Pius XII - how well I remember seeing his framed photograph in the headmaster's office in my first school, Saint Peter's, which I attended for a couple of years before we moved address. My next school was Saint Pope Pius X, both elementary and senior schools.

I had not heard of Jacques Vialatoux, and my knowledge of Descartes and Locke is patchy. I do know that the Young Hegelians were forerunners of Marx and Marxism.

But it is Luther as a nominalist (in the view of Vialatoux) which intrigues me. The Reformation remains a great puzzle in spite of my what I have read. Protestants I know (with some exceptions) are largely ignorant of Catholic history. They don't know that Francis de Sales went to Geneva and spoke to Calvin's successor, Theodor Beza, about the faith.

My favourite Protestant theologian, Iain D. Murray, former Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, took his own life in 2017. The shadow of this has been with me ever since. There is much about him online.

The only book of Jacques Maritain's that I possess is *The Peasant of Garonne* (1966) and I only came upon it in a charity shop about a year ago.

It grieves me that I did not read Maritain in my last year at school, 1968-69, and that his books were not taught in our Religious Education classes. Neither was Blondel who, I believe, inclined towards liberalism.

So many regrets assail me regarding the way we were taught the faith. We were sent out into the world largely unprepared. Television was a propaganda machine for materialism and atheism. There was no Catholic Sunday School.

Only my elementary teacher, Hazel Wade, provided me with four years of sound Catholic teaching. Her attachment to Mary and the Rosary was profound, and it was from her that I first heard about Fatima.

John Haggerty said...

My mistake, Barona.

The Free Church theologian was Iain D. Campbell (not Murray) author of *The Doctrine of Sin*, a very well-argued book defending Biblical truth against neo-orthodoxy. He was a preacher of distinction as can be seen from his YouTube videos. Because of the scandal which ended his life, some people say his books and sermons ought to be withdrawn. I disagree.

J Haggerty said...

*Breakdown: They're lying to you about the riots and other deep state swamp creature gone! Huckabee.*
Mike Huckabee. June 4 2020. YouTube.

In spite of the rather incoherent title, this is a post that puts the orchestrated riots and lootings into perspective, as well as the President's calm and composed bearing of the Bible outside the church. A pity he was not given credit for it by the church's Episcopal lady priest.

Mike Huckabee said the police did NOT use tear gas, they used smoke guns, quite different in their effect.

J Haggerty said...

*Hypocrisy: James Martin Rebukes Trump For Holding Bible.*
Dr. Taylor Marshall. June 3 2020. YouTube.

Dr. Marshall defends the President's dignified and peaceful action, and holds Fr. James Martin S.J. and the American bishops to account for their flagrantly immoral and anti-Catholic teaching.

Anonymous said...

"Newt Gingrich" ??? Look him up!He supports the "Third Wave".Not to mention

Then there is the phony Economic Think Tank Acton , founded by a pervert who actually did the first same sex marriage in America and was Raymond Arroyo's co host......... "Fr" Robert Sirico !
one of the very first to push unfettered Free Trade with China who switched gears when he was called out on it very late in the game.
I can recall a friend who dined with a Seminary Rector telling me when she asked him why they were bringing in Communist Chinese into the seminary. his answer was that they bring them here because they will change their ideology once they live in a Democratic free country.
There is nothing like "inviting " the enemy in.

Barona said...

Thank-you Anonymous 9:10 for further exposing the fake "conservative" wolves who have been hard at work at promoting globalism and all the evils that flow from it. The Fifth Column must be exposed and driven out. The quicker it is driven from the White House the better. The first step is that the President must stop appointing these Fifth Columnists of the Deep State