Tuesday 20 October 2015

BOMBSHELL: The Latvian Bishops' Conference are now on the record as OPPOSING Holy Communion for adulterers and "...those who are living with persons of the same sex"

His Grace, Archbishop Zbigniew Stankiewicz (Latvian: Zbigņevs Stankevičs), the Metropolitan Archbishop of Riga, Latvia, has spoken in the Synodal aula in defense of Our Lord, His Church and the sacredness of marriage and human sexuality. On behalf of the Latvian Bishops' Conference he expressed complete opposition to admitting the divorced and civilly "remarried" to Holy Communion, and to those who practice the intrinsically evil vice of homosexuality. The following is from the Polish language section of Vatican Radio. 

(translation Toronto Catholic Witness. You may freely use, but must credit us).

The admission of persons living in new unions would be an act of injustice against those couples who are struggling to save their marriage and with a great effort to remain faithful. None of us are against mercy for the divorced who have made new unions, or against homosexuals. But you cannot fill the the concept of mercy with content detached from truth, justice, the living Tradition of the Church. Here we need deeper reflection.

I am convinced that the arguments for the admission of those people to Communion have more of a sociological and psycho-emotional content than a theological one. The Church mill grinds slowly, yet in the end provides good wheat. Our task is to bring peace to the people of God, and especially to families. It would be very good if we could solve these questions unanimously. We cannot force anything. I am speaking on behalf of the Bishops' Conference of Latvia. The Conference is opposed to admitting to Communion the divorced who have made new unions, or those who are living with persons of the same sex. The Holy Father has already made a big step towards persons in new unions, accelerating the process of the nullity of marriage, and through this opening  a door of mercy in the wall of justice. I propose that we halt here and undertake a reflection. Our first task is to show in the most attractive manner possible the beautiful call to marriage, as well as to encourage and strengthen those families who with difficulty struggle to maintain fidelity in their marriage.

UPDATE: Read Archbishop Stankiewicz's interview with Vatican Radio here. 


Unknown said...

God bless you Archbishop Zbigniew Stankiewicz, we never before were in need of such good shepards.
Please God open the eyes of the other bishops taking part in the Synod.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Thank you Barona for using your translating skills to bring us this message of hope from the synod. God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com

Unknown said...

What a Blessing His Grace, Archbishop Stankiewics is. A great blessing indeed. Thank you Lord Jesus. Give us more and more holy shepherds. We are in so much need.