Friday, 2 October 2015

Issues we simply don't have the time to bother with

The Canadian supreme court has stricken down our laws regarding doctor assisted suicide. This has not been a burning election issue nor has it been covered on this blog. 

Growing anti Christian sentiment is no longer confined to the middle east. A gunman just killed a number of people in Oregon for saying that they were Christian. This is being downplayed in the media and ignored here.

Witness has openly criticized LifeSite in the past for ignoring life issues like Sammy Yatin's murder. We have also stated "Prolife is not enough; we must be gospel of life". I suggest that this criticism has come home to roost. This blog is increasingly becoming as one sided as we once claimed LifeSite was. We ignore important life issues and concentrate on those we are obsessed with. For the most part we seem to be preaching to the choir, measuring our success by the number of hits rather than being content to sow seed and nurture growth.

I am convinced that prayer and the works of mercy can be more effective than anything I can do here.


Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Freyr,

It is absurd to fight your editorial issues in the combox. I agree with Barona and his efforts, so do thousands of others that have read this blog - something they would not have done otherwise. If you wish to write on the issues you raise, then do so, but to disrespect Barona is simply not fair play.

Our parents and grandparents sat by while these same clerics sought to destroy our Holy Mother a half century ago and since. They did because they either did not know or did not care. If they did care, there was little that they could do. That is not the case now.

Putting one's head in the sand over the evil that these malefactors in the Vatican are doing is not the answer. Write Freyr, write on the issues important to you. Thanks to the work of Barona, they may actually get read.

However, I ask you to yield your critique in the combox of the work of your brother. He does not deserve it, nor do the readers need to see you wash your editorial laundry in public.

Freyr said...

We have effectively reduced Witness from a four person blog to two. Perhaps there is no room for another blogger here. My parents did precious little to raise me in the faith. They were angry, disillusioned, lapsed Catholics whose resentment was hard to live with. If numbers make right then surely the one with the biggest PR factory wins? This blog and Vox Cantoris have evolved into yet another excuse to vent anger. Sorry, I have my own issues with anger and I see no need to fuel the fire. When I am finished here I will delete my name from the blog.