Sunday 4 October 2015

Cardinal Muller on the Synod of the Family: "You cannot practice theology that is not Catholic..."

"I hope the Synod clearly intervenes on the sacramentality and the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is not just a human ideal, but the gift of God. Some say that the spousal relationship between Christ and the Church is just a metaphor. But according to the teaching of the Church it is an essential part of the sacrament. You cannot practice theology that is not Catholic, not taking into account all the dogmas of the Church on the sacrament of marriage. You cannot relativise sacramental marriage. I hope that the discussions at the Synod shall not be superficial, but based on a deep understanding of the teachings of Jesus, the Old and New Testaments, as well as an authentic interpretation of Revelation by the Magisterium. These are the basic conditions of the Synodal debate, if it is to bear fruit. And this Synod is very important for the future of not only the family but also for the Church".

Gerhard Cardinal Muller

(translation Toronto Catholic Witness)

Taken from Niedziela

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Agreed. Completely. And let's pray they put Pope Saint John Paul II, the great apostle of the family, back into the documents. God bless you. Susan Fox