Tuesday 20 October 2015

BREAKING: Bishop Białasik at the Synod declares "abortion is a holocaust on a global scale..." ~ Gender ideology is a culture of death

Bishop Krzysztof Białasik SVD, of the Diocese of Oruro, Bolivia, was interviewed by the Polish language section of Vatican Radio. A Polish missionary, he has spent the past twenty years in Bolivia, being consecrated bishop on September 17, 2005. A delegate at the Synod of the Family, Bishop Białasik has some very strong and Catholic words (a thankful respite from the stream of adultero-homo propaganda of the last few days coming from various churchmen) about gender ideology; from which springs a whole plethora of evils. The bishop felt that a Synod on the Family should confront the ideologies of death; especially gender ideology and abortion.

(translation: Toronto Catholic Witness. You are free to use, please credit us). 

Bishop Krzysztof Białasik on gender ideology and abortion:

"There are different influences that promote ideologies against the family. One of these is gender [ideology].  This ideology, which destroys life, and supports abortion, homosexual unions and the adoption of children by them; euthanasia - therefore this promotes death. As John Paul II said, it is a culture of death. God is the Lord of life and not death. Therefore, we are working so that the family will find new impulses of life.

Today, abortion is a very serious problem. In many places, as in Bolivia, some physicians say that abortion is not a problem, just a small operation, the removal of "lumps consisting of a few cells." We know well and the Church teaches this: that the human being must be protected from the moment of conception. It was once thought that the mother's womb was the safest place, this is not the case today. Many women think: "it's my body!". But it is not their body, but another person. Parents have no right to kill, because it is murder. Today abortion is a holocaust on a global scale; I call it the third world war. It is done in white gloves, but it is a holocaust"

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