Friday 30 October 2015

The calls for "dialogue" with homosexuals at the Synod is not new. Pervert ex-bishop Raymond Lahey called for such "dialogue" years ago

This used to be on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops' website, until the CCCB eventually removed the writings of convicted homosexual pervert and pornographer, ex-bishop Raymond Lahey. When one reads Lahey's ideas about "dialogue", we can see the terrible dangers coming from the calls for "dialogue" from various Synod Fathers. Dialogue - let us quote the pervert Lahey: "such dialogue includes...homosexual persons, discrimination and sensitivity towards them..." Lahey also advocated "dialogue with the "pro-choice movement". Brilliant. A typical Modernist, Lahey combined truth and falsehood to deceive the unwary. 

Vatican City (CCCB) — Bishop Raymond J. Lahey of St. George's, in an intervention at the Synod of Bishops' Special Assembly for America, said the Church must engage in dialogue with society in its own culture or face being marginalized and meaningless....

He said "the Gospel demands that the Church today must dialogue with those estranged from it." Such dialogue includes: women, on their role in the Church and society; homosexual persons, on discrimination and sensitivity toward them; youth, on the values they hold; environmentalists, on the use of creation and population issues; the pro-choice movement, on freedom of conscience; New Age movements; those in fractured families and broken marriages; and other similar groups. "Dialogue involves risk and will not be easy," he said. " But given the Church's marginalization, there is greater risk in no dialogue. To be faithful to the Gospel is not to be fearful for it."

...The Bishop concluded his intervention by saying: "Our Gospel is that of the cross of Christ, which embraces every woman and man. With the Gospel as our basis, must we not engage in dialogue even with those who may not understand or accept all the Church teaches?"

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Unknown said...

Br r r r r illiant find! He sounds just like those "Synod Fathers" who were advocating a new openness to the poor homosexuals (who it turns out, are not marginalized at all, but are causing the marginalization of everyone else!).