Thursday 29 October 2015

Would Cardinal Wuerl give Holy Communion to Adolf Hitler?

There is much talk about Donald Cardinal Wuerl's heterodox position about permitting public sinners - known evil doers - even politicians who are complicit in mass murder, to receiving Holy Communion - thereby trampling on Christ, trampling on the King of the Universe, on God Himself. 

Vox Cantoris provides us with an excellent overview of the Archbishop of Washington's scandalous and sinful permission to grant such public sinners as politicians who are involved in the present-day global Holocaust against the unborn. Edward Peters provides us with a canonical exposition of why the Cardinal's position is untenable vis-a-vis these public sinners.

Would "Uncle" Adolf have much difficulty with "Father" Donald? 
Given that the Cardinal is fully aware of the grave public sins being committed, and given that he must surely be aware that what he holds is canonically untenable, the question arises: why does he continue to pander to murderers? Mass murderers?

Which brings me to the title of this post. Adolf Hitler was a baptized Catholic. He soon left the Faith, feeling great hatred for the Church, for Christ. By 1933, 1934 he had a public record of being a notorious sinner. Nonetheless, as an accomplished liar and villain, the apostate Fuhrer would have had no qualms about presenting himself at the Communion Rail if it meant advancing the cause of the Reich. Would Donald Wuerl have given Holy Communion to Adolf?  The answer is yes, if Donald would not want to contradict himself. 

The Fuhrer charming young ladies
Would he have much difficulty in charming Cardinal Wuerl?
These are the types of malefactors who are the Princes of the Church. These men are Judases and traitors. They have the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Chirst on their hands. They have the blood of millions of innocents on their hands through their inaction, their treachery, their compromise, their go-along-to-get-along complicity with evil. They will have to answer for all of this on Judgment Day. Our Lord is not just a Lamb, He is also a Lion. 

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