Saturday, 10 October 2015

The homosexual takeover of the Roman Catholic Church ~ the Homo-Dominicans

"It is heartening to see the wave of support for gay marriages. It shows a society that aspires to an open tolerance of all sorts of people, a desire for us to live together in mutual acceptance.”
Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.

Thirty years ago, Fr. John O'Connor, O.P. (until he was suspended and expelled from the Dominicans by vicious and hateful homosexuals), rose from being an obscure priest to "notoriety", simply because he began to expose homosexual activity and homosexual propaganda within his order, the Dominicans. O' Connor since has gone to his eternal reward.

Key Homo-Dominicans that O' Connor identified were his persecutor, Fr. Donald J Goergen, O.P., (author of "The Sexual Celibate" - a seminal homosexualist work written in 1974) and Fr. Richard Woods, O.P. (author of "Another Kind of Love" - a major homosexualist work written in 1977). Neither of these two homo-Dominicans were suspended or expelled from the Order. Fr. O' Connor identified "Another Kind of Love" by Woods as an example of notorious promotion of homosexuality.

Woods has had a distinguished career as a university professor. He continues to teach at Loyola University and write. He also blogs, and as we shall see: continues to write openly in favour of homosexuality. He is part of a decades long infiltration into the Church of militant homosexualists and homosexuals who seek to destroy the Church by destroying the priesthood.

Some quotes from "Another Kind of Love":

"Quite simply, I am convinced that the “traditional” civil and religious prejudice against homosexuality, based as it was largely on ignorance, fear , and fantasy, is to that extent now untenable. It is ungodly, inhuman, and destructive of individual rights and dignity as well as of the common welfare".

"It is no less wrong for religious people to label homosexual behaviour a curse, an affliction, or a depravity. Nor should all homosexual behaviour be indiscriminately condemned in advance as invariably and gravely sinful without much further and more careful study of scripture as well as the many varieties of homosexual experience, attitudes, and activities.” (p.14)

"If a gay spirituality is possible, it is necessary". (p.120)

More recently, Woods blogged approvingly of the 2014 Gay Pride Parade in Belfast in these terms:

"But on Saturday the largest parade of them all took place in Belfast – the Gay Pride parade. Or more accurately the LGBT Pride Parade, which is in fact the largest of such events in the British Isles...a few staunch members of the Righteous Elect displayed banners condemning all and sundry to the fires of hell. One banner-bearing protester described the whole business as an abomination".

Gareth Moore., O.P., another Homo-Dominican in his book from 2003 - "A Question of Truth", writes:

"...if we look for cogent biblical or natural-law arguments against homosexual relationships and acts in general, we will not find them: there aren’t any. There are plenty which look faithful to Scripture and compelling in their logic, but none which actually are". (p.282)

Fr. O' Connor warned us about our priests. "Is he a homo"?, asked O' Connor rhetorically during one of his lectures. A number of key identifiers that can put us onto an evil priest (be he a homo or a freemason) is his attitude towards Our Lady: does he pray and promote the Rosary? Practicing sodomites despise Our Lady. They hate her because her virginal purity is a living rebuke to their sinful, lustful lifestyles.

How does he say the Mass; what is his attitude towards a devout liturgy? Does he have 40 Hour Devotions, Adoration? Is Confession readily available? Has he removed the Tabernacle and Crucifix from the Sanctuary, taken down the Communion Rail? Does he preach on morality? Especially does he preach and teach about the evils of contraception, abortion and homosexuality?

We must start asking ourselves serious questions: how many priests are homosexualists (that is, if not practicing homosexuality: ignore its evil, excuse it, promote it within certain "social" contexts... eg. waffling on opposing same-sex marriage" or "unions" etc.)?

How many are practicing sodomites? How many are now bishops, seminary rectors, hold key positions in universities, chanceries?

How many are over in the Vatican? After all, has not homo-Dominican Fr. Timothy Radcliffe O.P., been appointment as consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace?


Suzanne said...

I often hear about these homosexuals who have "taken over". But nobody ever seems to name names. If they are unorthodox, if they are engaging in sodomy, and people know about it, they should be denounced.

James Joseph said...

I can think of a few.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

It is a real curse on the Catholic Church. When my mother lay ill and dying in a hospital in Seattle, the very handsome priest in charge of bringing the sacraments to the sick at that hospital was involved in the gay lifestyle. He always brought a very handsome acolyte with him. I realized he was totally unreliable, and though I am not a Eucharistic minister, I got permission from my pastor to take communion daily to my mother.

It was a male nurse who self-identified as homosexual (not Catholic) who caused her to almost die. I kept telling him she was having difficulty, not acting normally and she said she hurt all over and he said, no, the monitors showed everything was okay. The next day when we came, she had had a heart attack, but the only way they could tell was because fluid filled her lungs. He wouldn't listen to me.

Then when she had heart surgery, I had permission to bring her communion, a tiny speck, before her surgery. I was giving her communion, when I looked up and a horrified man, who self identified as homosexual, was running towards me, trying to stop me from giving her communion. He was her nurse. I told him sharply (I'm sorry) that the doctor had approved, and he was rude. May God help the innocent Catholics who must be served by people in this lifestyle. Some are in Catholic psychology. They are sicker than their patients. May Mary crush the head of the serpent in the Church, that is all resistance to God. It's a real persecution when they are in medicine. Susan Fox