Saturday 31 October 2015

The "Third World War" rages against the unborn, but the bishops sign COP-21 appeal that ignores this Holocaust

"Reinhard the Rhino"  
The last few days saw a group of churchmen sign a preposterous document on climate "change". There is much talk about "social justice", but not one word about the key to all social justice: the right to life - from conception to natural death. No environmental movement can be moral without the protection of the key to the environment, the master of the environment: the human person. 

The "most vulnerable of our citizens" are the unborn; then the disabled and the elderly. Bishop Białasik of Boliva at the recent Synod denounced abortion as "a third world war", and a "holocaust on a global scale". But we get silence. No appeals, no campaign to stop the ongoing, daily, by the hour and minute - butchery in the most sadistic manner possible of millions and millions of helpess babies. God will be the Judge. 

Needless to say, silent on abortion, pornography, homosexuality and other grave moral evils that do tremendous damage to human ecology, Reinhard "The Rhino" Marx, has eagerly embraced the 10 point document and is rigorously promoting it ahead of the upcoming Paris meeting on climate "change" (you will notice how these manipulators have dropped "global warming", as the lie to that has been exposed). The churchmen now refer to "reliable science" in this foolish Pollyanna "appeal". Looking at some of the signatories, I cannot but believe that some of these men are themselves being lied to and manipulated. 

The document is then topped off with a non-Christian "prayer" that even a Freemason would feel at home with. Needless to say, Our Lord Jesus Christ is not taken into account. That should tell us everything. Read and weep. 

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Kathleen1031 said...

Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, are our FAITHFUL Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious, theologians, not loudly and boldly publicly CONDEMNING this? Our Catholic faith is disintegrating before our eyes. The laity are being devastatingly scandalized by such demonic sideshows as this, and the outrageous commentary being made by these evil men. We have always had Judases. But WHERE are the faithful men??? We understand, to defend the church, Jesus Christ, and His teaching may very well mean to be exiled, and will certainly have negative consequences for that person, but we are observing a phenomenon that makes the efforts by these evil reformers seem pale in comparison. The almost total capitulation to the evil by SUPPOSEDLY GOOD MEN. All prior homilies of "martyrs" or "suffering", means nothing when you realize these were uttered by men who are utterly lacking in any sense, the willingness to suffer one iota for the faith.
Silence. We are getting silence. And that is going to be far more devastating than even what these rogue heretics are able to accomplish. You are allowing the faith to be dismantled and destroyed. When will you speak up in the face of this evil.