Thursday 1 October 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Polish Episcopate denounces "the incessant propaganda of gender ideology"; undermining not only ethics and morality but "the very creative act of God"

"John Paul II ~ Patron of the Family"

"Letter of the Polish Episcopate announcing the XVth Papal Day for October 11th"

The selection of October 11th to celebrate this Jubilee of Pope John Paul II was chosen as it will occur during the middle of the Synod on the Family, that will be taking place in Rome. What better way to keep the focus on the teachings of the Church?  The Letter was written and signed on the 10th of Kune, 2015 during the Plenary Meeting No. 369 held in Warsaw. It is to be read from every pulpit this Sunday, October 4th, for the opening of the Synod of the Family.

The Episcopal website introduces the Letter in this manner: 

"The pontificate of the Polish Pope was one of great promotion of the family and the defense of fundamental values relating to the human body, sexuality, the dignity of courtship, sacramental marriage and the family being open to life".

From  the Letter on gender ideology: 

A serious problem is the unceasing propaganda for gender ideology. It not only introduces confusion in the ethical and moral issues, but also - which is far more serious - undermines the very creative act of God.

Gender [ideology] strikes at the decision of the Almighty to call men and women into existence as persons equal in dignity and at the same time mutually needing and complementing each other. 

Different social roles that are undertaken arise from a different biological and psycho-spiritual structure of both. There is nothing wrong in scientific examination of these roles and the cultural and civilizational changes taking place over the centuries.

However, it must be emphatically pointed out that opposing man and woman and showing their mutual relationship as a striving for dominance must be assessed as a dangerous path to nowhere. This is undertaken by, for instance, certain feminist trends.

The happiness that flows from the marriage of man and woman, the joy of having and raising children within the family is incompatible with the principles of and ideology constantly proclaiming the need for struggle between the sexes.... 

(trans. Barona for Toronto Catholic Witness).

For Polish readers a brief, but excellent commentary on the enduring value of Pope John Paul II's teaching on the family:

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Edward Pentin's book, the Rigging of a Vatican Synod, makes it clear that Pope John Paul II's great writings on the family and marriage were omitted from the 2014 Synod documents. As a Catholic, I find this very troubling. But the Polish Church must be livid. It's another sign that the Synod 2014 was manipulated by interests from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I have great hopes for the Synod 2015 because I trust the African and Polish cardinals to fight for the truth. But also the whole synod is an advisory body to the Pope, has no canonical status whatsoever unless the pope gives it such. And I really trust Pope Francis. He is orthodox, mayhap a little liberal, but still Catholic. The Catholic Church is not a conservative Church. It is universal. We have to remember that. God bless you. Susan Fox