Monday 12 October 2015

BREAKING: The "Thirteen Cardinals Letter" - of which Cardinal Collins is a signatory - is rejected by the Holy See Press Office

In the very early hours of the morning Sandro Magister published the Letter of the 13, that was sent to the Pope on October 5th. It is a Letter of extreme gravity. Toronto's Thomas Cardinal Collins - for the glory of Christ and His Church - also signed it. The Letter was immediately republished by Vox Cantoris, who also carries detailed information. 

A few hours after the publishing of the Letter, the homosexualist and adulterist Holy See Press Office has announced that is business as usual, and the Relatio Finalis will be totally up to the Holy Father, responsible for "every decision". In other words, the proper procedures be damned; why bother to hold a Synod at all? 

Do not be deceived - the intention is to permit local bishops permit persons who are unable to obtain an annulment access to Holy Communion. Persons whom the bishops thinks should have an annulment, but where canonical evidence does not exist to grant same. This is a pet project of the arch-modernist Antonio Spadaro S.J.. 

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