Thursday 1 October 2015

BREAKING: The US Bishops' Conference was against Pope Francis meeting Kim Davis - claims NCR reporter

The National Catholic Reporter is carrying another article that tries to do major damage control of the graven image of the Pope that the homosexualist and adulterist "Catholic" media, working in tandem with the secular media have been busy constructing over the past two years; indeed, since the election of the Pope. 

First off the mark, was leading Jesuit, homosexualist and talking head, James Martin S.J. His preposterous and conspiratorial article was quickly taken up by the Salt and Light organization headed by Thomas Rosica, CSB. Over at Crux, John Allen Jr. put together a more sophisticated prose work as to why the meeting should be dismissed. Not to be outdone, Edward Beck, C.P., a New York based celebrity priest, playwright and TV commentator, appeared on CNN to likewise add his disapproval, stating that it was impossible as the Pope's English would not be up to speaking with Kim Davis!

Can you spot Fr. Edward Beck? 

Now we have Sean Michael Winters adding a new twist (again, with Fr. Beck's eager approval: "spot on").  

However, the situation becomes really serious, moving beyond the realm of bitter, angry men with their illusions shattered. Winters is claiming that the US Bishops' Conference advised against the Holy Father seeing Kim Davis. Is this true? Which bishops? If true, it would have to be from a select number of the most powerful and influential; those with access to the Holy Father. Cardinal Dolan? Cardinal Wuerl? Archbishop Chaput? Or some other Prelate/s?

If true, it means that at least one craven homosexualist was hell-bent (and I use those words advisedly) to try to twist the Holy Father's arm and stop him from doing the right thing. Thank God he failed, and miserably. 

Then, Winters smears it all over by implying that His Excellency Archbishop Vigano is some sort of half-wit who does not understand the nuanced thinking of the likes of himself, Allen, Beck or Martin. 

A source at the bishops’ conference told me on background that the meeting happened “against the advice of the bishops’ conference.” Other reports in both the Washington Post and the New York Times agree that the meeting was arranged by a “Vatican official.” Seeing as the meeting happened at the nunciature in Washington, it could only have happened with the approval and participation of the nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Perhaps he did not understand how Davis’ case was not really an instance of conscientious objection"

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