Saturday, 17 October 2015

Justin Trudeau: a man of evil, death and perversion ~ he wants to kill babies, the disabled and elderly; and promote perverted sexual acts as marriage

Trudeau looking uncannily similar to a young Joseph Stalin

Justin Trudeau hopes to becomes the Prime Minister of Canada this coming Monday. Trudeau is an evil man. I ask all Catholics, Christians, Jews and men and women of good will to consider his hatred of life, his willingness to advocate for the brutal mass murder of babies, his promotion of perverted sexuality to the degree of supporting an "ideology of evil" (e,g, two men trying to "become one" in "matrimony"), and the killing of the elderly and disabled. 

Dear Canadian friends, please consider carefully what you do on Monday, October 19th when you vote. 


Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau is a morally bankrupt apostate of the Quebec quite revolution. He symbolizes the evil of modern liberalism which is an atheistic, materialistic, hedonistic ideology and mentality. It is at complete odds with natural moral law and divine law. Trudeau and the Liberal Party along with the NDP are anti-Christ!

Anonymous said...

Trudeau and Stalin are nothing alike. One was a murderous dictator who killed millions. However, scarily like you, Stalin didn't support equal marriage or women's rights and like many bad leaders in history used 'common decency and morality' as a get out clause to rein in Freedoms of others. Much like you.

Unknown said...

Trudeau's behavior likes communist party, lier, evil, idiot and arrogant. His plan seems to be to destroy Canada when he is in power. The whole world do not mock at Trudeau, they mock us Canadians. Why Canadian people choose such an evil, idiot guy to be their MP. Are they blind?