Thursday, 22 October 2015

St. Pope John Paul II betrayed by the adulterist and homosexualist conspirators at the Synod

It is quite evident that admitting the divorced and civilly "remarried" to the Holy Eucharist is a Christological heresy; a profanation of the Most Holy Eucharist, a rape of the Mystical Body of Christ by churchmen in league with Satan. Let us be clear: there are churchmen who are misguided, who are fools.  But let us also be very clear: there are churchmen who hate Our Lord, who hate His Church, who are active agents of the devil. Some are atheists, some Freemasons, others occultists, some satanists. 

For the doctrine of the Church is clear and CANNOT be changed:

Familiaris Consortio: "By virtue of the sacramentality of their marriage, spouses are bound to one another in the most profoundly indissoluble manner. Their belonging to each other is the real representation, by means of the sacramental sign, of the very relationship of Christ with the Church. (no.13).  

The giving of Holy Communion to an adulterer therefore is spiritual idolatry; infidelity - churchmen committing adultery with the world, the flesh and the devil; and disobedience to the Law of God. 

It has now becoming apparent that the preferred action is that St. Pope John Paul II's doctrine on the family is to be eliminated. La Stampa carried an article last year about actual and potential changes to the US episcopate. All of this is a highly organized "putsch" being carried out within the Holy See by the "Adulterist" and "Homosexualist" Parties. 

These conspiratorial subverters have seriously damaged many a diocese. Have you ever heard from the pulpit a sermon against abortion, or contraception, or against fornication, adultery, or against homosexuality? When was the last time your parish priest preached about modesty, the scourge of pornography? if the answer is very, very rarely or never: you certainly have a coward before you, if not a traitor. 

For Pope John Paul II preached for a programme of sexual ethics to be taught and catechized about. He was betrayed; now he is to be ignored and forgotten. 

St. Pope John Paul II, pray for us. 

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