Sunday 29 November 2015

Planned Parenthood murders 900 babies every day ~ Linda Gibbons is in prison ~ where is the outrage from the Church?!

Gestapo? KGB?
No, Toronto Police arresting Linda outside an abortion mill in "democratic" Canada 

Linda Gibbons dwells in prison. She has been there since September 2nd. She will stand trial for holding her peaceful, loving sign - calling upon  mothers contemplating abortion to abstain from going through with the killing of their baby. For this, Linda was bustled off the streets of Toronto by police and locked up. Yet, churchmen are silent; if not pandering to the culture that winks at, or even promotes death. Monsignor Kaas tried it in Germany in the 1930s, it did not go well. Canada, America have rapidly descended into spiritual darkness. One would never know it from these men. We have not heard one word from these churchmen over Linda's arrest. It is not too beyond our imaginations to believe that we would not hear one word from them in the 30s and 40s. 

The American abortion monster, Planned Parenthood is a collective slaughterhouse. The most evil organization on earth (Fr. Paul Marx) murders well over 300,000 per year. That is over ten times the total figure killed in Dachau. History will judge who is worse: the German population of the 30s and 40s, or us. 

One major reason that these killers get away with - literally - murder is the non-response of the Catholic Church and other Christians. Outside of a few examples, what bishop can you immediately think of who is an outstanding opponent of baby killing? For example, how seriously did the Bishops of Canada take abortion and other grave evils during the election last month? How many priests spoke up?  When was the last time you heard a priest say from the pulpit abortion is a murder? When was the last time you heard a priest say that contraception is a mortal sin and those who use it cannot go to Holy Communion? When was the last time you heard a priest say that all homosexual activity is gravely sinful, an abomination? 

With this incredible silence, we begin to realize the depth of betrayal, of indeed treachery by the very ones who should be leading the fight against the culture of death. Vox Cantoris carries a number of excellent articles that provide further links to the treachery involved by Canadian bishops

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Nuke said...

Lord Jesus come, and soon. How long will this go on? Our Lady of Good Sucess suggests not much longer.