Monday, 23 November 2015

The Pope should be a point of unity, not scandal ~ if the Pope throws in with the Adulterists it will lead to schism

Left, arch-modernist and Adulterist Party advocate,  Baldisseri
Popes are  Pontiffs: "bridge" builders. The Pope, the successor of Peter is to lend strength to his brethren and ensure unity in the Church. Not a false unity, (in reality a disunity) such as a tent covering all and every idea - such as the apostate Church of England. Where, in that false "church", every position is accepted: one can believe in the Real Presence and deny it, one can support the sin of sodom and deny it.

Incredibly, under this Pontificate, this breakdown in unity is becoming - nearly on a daily basis - more evident. Deniers are out there of course, and they will be there when the False Prophet comes. Indeed, these papalators will be the "elect" who will follow him as he builds his false, demonic, ecumenical counterchurch; the church of the Antichrist.

The latest scandal was the Pope's remarks at the Lutheran church in Rome. What did the Pope do? He caused grave scandal for the faithful in obfuscating Church teaching on the reception of the Most Holy Eucharist by those who are outside the Church. He poured confusion and hence, disunity into souls. When I am informed that what this Pope did, left devout Catholics "speechless"...this is truly disconcerting, a sure scandal; a Pope scandalizing the faithful, causing a breakdown in unity.

The Pope with arch-modernist and Adulterist Party propagandist
Antonio Spadaro, S.J. 
Does this Pope not know what he is doing? Why is he doing it? Is he preparing us for a schism? For a schism will come if he tries to force on the Church something that is against the Divine Law - the reception of Holy Communion by those in grave sin. Moreover, since it IS against the Divine Law, why is he not suppressing the heresy? To allow lawlessness, to allow heresy to be spoken is itself a sin. Ah, we are told, the Pope is "outing" the heretics. It is all part of a master plan to expose the evil doers! Am I really supposed to believe this fantasy?! Even if this be true, it would still be sinful and scandalous, for one cannot do evil that good may come of it. Allowing heretics to be loose in the Church; allowing them to openly profess heresy in the heart of Rome at a Synod, is truly unbelievable. Adding to this malady was the fact that these heresiarchs were cheered on from the sidelines by arch-modernist, clerico-media talking heads. 

It is a month after the Synod, and these evil malefactors are back in their sees, not removed. Moreover, the Pope himself has shown every sign as leaning towards the malefactors. If he has not: why has he refused - I shall say it again - REFUSED - to categorically uphold Familiaris Consortio? Has he not had two years to do so? 

Can not even papalators agree that the Pope has failed to uphold this doctrine? Apparently not. If he brings in this great "Christological heresy" (c.f Cardinal Muller), that is against "Divine Law" (c.f. Cardinal Sarah), I guarantee that the papalators - believing every word and action out of the Pope's mouth is from God - will follow the Pope into heresy and excuse him. Logically, the same blindness, foolishness would apply to any other heretical innovation. 

Friends, barring a recantation and realization that what he is doing is wrong, the Pope of Rome is leading us towards a schism. Be prepared.

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