Saturday 14 November 2015

The response to the Paris terror attacks is not Freemasonry, but a return to Catholicism

Yesterday, Islamists launched a highly coordinated multi-site terrorist attack on Paris. In the heart of one of the world's greatest cities, in the heart of the capital of the Church's "eldest daughter", Mohommedan killers went about their grisly business. 

Francois Hollande, Barack Obama, David Cameron have all responded. Not with prayer, not with awareness that war is the punishment for sin (are not our modern cities teeming with sin? Blasphemy, abortion, contraception, euthanasia, homosexuality, sexual "liberation etc, etc.), but with "long live the Republic", "values", "freedom", democracy"...

Their masonic response is far from the humble prayer composed by Blessed Mark da Aviano, before the Battle of Vienna in 1683, when the Christians turned towards Our Lord Jesus Christ in a spirit of repentance for sin; Mohommedanism's advance being seen for what it was: a scourge of God for infidelity. The result of this act of humility was victory. 
“O Lord God of Hosts, Behold us prostrate at the feet of your Majesty, to obtain forgiveness for our sins. Well do we know how we have deserved that the infidels take up arms to oppress us, because the iniquities committed by us every day against your goodness have justly provoked your wrath...we have often angered your supreme goodness...Have pity upon us, have pity on your Church, which the fury and strength of the infidels are even now preparing to oppress. Even if it is by our own fault that they have broken in on the serenity of these Christian countries, and even if all the ills coming upon us are none other than the consequence of our own wickedness, still be propitious towards us, O God of all goodness, and despise not the work of your own hands. Remember how, to save us from the slavery of Satan, you shed all of your Precious Blood.
In our time too, indeed, this morning, Pope Francis has responded; but in identifying a "third world war", he is merely pointing at a symptom, we Catholics need to point to the cause: the cause is sin; a deluge of sin. The question remains to be seen if the Roman Authorities will call upon a spiritual crusade of return to the Faith, of repentance, or will they continue to pander and sound like mouthpieces of Freemasonry? What will the Pope say tomorrow at Sunday Mass; and throughout the following week? What will bishops say? 

An interesting history of relations between Catholicism and Freemasonry by the Freemason, Jean Francois Var may be read here. It should be noted that Var hopes for improved relations with the Church under the new Pontificate, as he noted how it was Cardinal Ratzinger who reinforced that Freemasons were banned under Canon Law from receiving Holy Communion. Interesting.

A Freemason sacrilegiously receiving Holy Communion at a Mass 

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Jonah said...

It's a fools game to war with "Islamists" while listening to the provocations of the Freemasons. Muslims and Protestants are equally heretical; neither are friends of Catholics. The Muslim Brotherhood, father to the current terror groups, is a masonic entity armed, trained, and directed by the CIA. The CIA is the private militia of the Anglo-American Episcopalian (ie. Protestant) elite. Strike at the head, not the hands. Note that the CIA absorbed the Nazi intelligence apparatus after WWII. Do you wonder at their methods?