Monday 16 November 2015

Paris Terror Attacks: Vatican Secretary of State has NO mention of Jesus Christ; instead offers Masonic " solution"

For Christ alone is the "Corner Stone" (Ephesians ii. 20) on which man and society can find stability and salvation. 
Pope Pius XII, Summi Pontificatus

The Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, continues the seemingly Masonic "offensive" coming from the Vatican since the Paris Terror Attacks of last Friday. So far the Roman Authorities have completely and absolutely excluded Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace in their "solutions" to the international crisis.
Parolin has long demonstrated an agnostic diplomatic policy. 

The language coming from the mouths of the Roman Authorities, is a foreign language spoken in a strange accent: what these men are professing is not Catholic, is not even Christian. It is masonic, secular, humanist, agnostic. It excludes Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not the Gospel.

This morning we have another piece in this strange non-Christian language, as Cardinal Parolin pushes in La Croix a secular solution, glossed over with delusional overtures about: "The Merciful is also the most beautiful name of God for Muslims, who could be involved in this holy year, as the Holy Father desires". Are we to expect another communio in sacris with false religions, as the Roman Authorities perhaps ramp up another "prayer service" for "peace"?

Contrast Parolin's words to those of Pope Pius XII from Summi Pontificatus of October 20th, 1939, written just after the outbreak of World War II. The holy Pope firmly placed the Crown back on Jesus Christ's Head (having been "uncrowned" so to speak by the principles of "liberte, equalite et fraternite") proclaiming Him the only source of peace to a world gone mad with sin and false "liberty". The entire encyclical deserves careful study and reflection by any serious Catholic. 

At the head of the road which leads to the spiritual and moral bankruptcy of the present day stand the nefarious efforts of not a few to dethrone Christ; the abandonment of the law of truth which He proclaimed and of the law of love which is the life breath of His Kingdom. In the recognition of the royal prerogatives of Christ and in the return of individuals and of society to the law of His truth and of His love lies the only way to salvation... 

The Holy Gospel narrates that when Jesus was crucified "there was darkness over the whole earth" (Matthew xxvii. 45); a terrifying symbol of what happened and what still happens spiritually wherever incredulity, blind and proud of itself, has succeeded in excluding Christ from modern life, especially from public life, and has undermined faith in God as well as faith in Christ.)...

...And the nations, despite a difference of development due to diverse conditions of life and of culture, are not destined to break the unity of the human race, but rather to enrich and embellish it by the sharing of their own peculiar gifts and by that reciprocal interchange of goods which can be possible and efficacious only when a mutual love and a lively sense of charity unite all the sons of the same Father and all those redeemed by the same Divine Blood.

...If it is to have any effect, the reeducation of mankind must be, above all things, spiritual and religious. Hence, it must proceed from Christ as from its indispensable foundation; must be actuated by justice and crowned by charity...

The accomplishment of this task of regeneration, by adapting her means to the altered conditions of the times and to the new needs of the human race, is an essential and maternal office of the Church... 

Reading Pope Pius XII, one realizes how grave the situation is in Rome, how dangerous these malefactors are, how treacherous their betrayal of Our Lord, His Gospel and His Church.

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