Friday, 27 November 2015

BREAKING: Massacre at Planned Parenthood abortion facility ~ babies butchered!

Dear readers, I wish to draw your attention to the real brutality that is taking place on a daily basis that the vile media is silent about. The daily mass murder being conducted against innocent babies. Babies being torn apart, butchered with brutal savagery. This, the lying, vile media  does not want you hear about. Today: babies have been butchered, there has been a massacre. The media does not want you to know that babies are torn apart; their brains vacuumed out etc. 

You will also notice, dear readers how the same vile media immediately place the Planned Parenthood incident (a Manchurian Candidate?) on their headlines: yet, they remain silent on the innumerable videos documenting brutal child butchery that would make a Nazi blush. These videos are deemed "controversial" because they show the truth about abortion. 

The vile media speaks about "unknown casualties" at the abortion mill incident. Dear readers, there are casualties: millions. Millions upon millions of dead, butchered babies. 

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