Thursday 26 November 2015

The Church of Rome betrays traditional Anglicans: Vatican Radio gleefully announces that "Anglican Leaders welcome Papal Preacher's Sermon"

As I wrote yesterday, watch for an explosion of adulation of Papal Preacher Cantalamessa, following his heretical outburst at Westminster Cathedral. Vatican Radio has been quick to trumpet Cantalamessa's sermon as a huge success and very popular. But of course! Since most people - including Catholics - no longer believe in truth, it is natural that a sermon extolling religious indifference will be received rapturously.  

Far right, sporting a crew cut, standing next to the arch-modernist and heretic, Fr. Cantalamessa, 
is Libby Lane, purportedly a "bishopess" 
Scandalously, this abominable and heretical speech also is also a stab in the back to traditional minded Anglcians who are trying to be good Christians. How do they feel, that Rome has thrown in with the Sodomites, the bishopesses and the worst ravages of heresy? What does it tell us that Rome has more in common with apostates, than with the Traditional Anglican Communion?

"No, it's not in the Bible", calls out Rev. Paul Williamson. Watch the following video of this brave man confronting the farce of "bishopess" Libby Lane. Is it not sad, that there was not one Catholic the other day who could have called out Cantalamessa? Let us pray that a brave bishop or priest will step forward to denounce him. 

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XFitr4Life said...

Apparently human law trumps God's law in the CofE.