Thursday, 19 November 2015

BREAKING: Cardinal Sarah on Holy Communion for the divorced: “Not even a pope can dispense from such a divine law.”

H.E. Robert Cardinal Sarah
Sandro Magister carries a report on an upcoming article to be published in the French language, "L'Homme Nouveau" by Robert Cardinal Sarah. 

Magister writes: 

Readers of Sarah’s book have sent him many comments, favorable and unfavorable. And in the dossier that is about to come out in “L'Homme Nouveau,” the cardinal responds to a good number of the objections he has received.

But it is precisely what these objections reveal that has convinced Cardinal Sarah even more that the serious case of the Church today is none other than a crisis of faith. A crisis that lies beneath the questions debated at the synod, because it touches the very foundations of the Catholic faith and brings out into the open a widespread illiteracy concerning the age-old teaching of the Church, present even among the clergy, precisely those who are supposed to act as guides for the faithful.

There we have it: the Synodal crisis stems from a crisis of Faith. The new "pastoral" orientations have their genesis in a defective, un-Catholic belief system. It is not Catholic, not Christian. Magister writes:

“The entire Church has always firmly held that one may not receive communion with the knowledge of being in a state of mortal sin, a principle recalled as definitive by John Paul II in his 2003 encyclical ‘Ecclesia de Eucharistia,’” on the basis of what was decreed by the Council of Trent.

And immediately afterward he adds:

“Not even a pope can dispense from such a divine law.”

Cardinal Sarah with Bishop Athanasius Schneider 
It is heresy! Any change in the teaching is pure, unadulterated heresy - a "Christological heresy" - in the words of Gerhard Cardinal Muller. Let there be no mistake: if any change is undertaken on trying to change the divine law, the perpetrators will be heretics, and will be denounced as such. 

The gravity of the situation is fed by - let us be honest - the Pope's continued silence over the explosion of open heresy at the Synod. This cannot be understated. At the Synod - yes - we had marvelous demonstrations of Faith and fidelity - but we also had manifestations of horrible infidelity and treachery. Not one of these men were silenced, expelled from Rome, removed from office by the Pope. These heresiarchs still have their sees, pouring spiritual poison into the souls of the faithful. How is this possible? It is possible because the crisis comes right from the top: from the Pope. 

Let us return to the words of the great African Cardinal: 

To conclude, I feel wounded in my heart as a bishop in witnessing such incomprehension of the Church’s definitive teaching on the part of my brother priests.

I cannot allow myself to imagine as the cause of such confusion anything but the insufficiency of the formation of my confreres. And insofar as I am responsible for the discipline of the sacraments in the whole Latin Church, I am bound in conscience to recall that Christ has reestablished the Creator’s original plan of a monogamous, indissoluble marriage ordered to the good of the spouses, as also to the generation and education of children. He has also elevated marriage between baptized persons to the rank of a sacrament, signifying God’s covenant with his people, just like the Eucharist. 

In spite of this, there also exists a marriage that the Church calls “legitimate.” The sacred dimension of this “natural” dimension makes it an element awaiting the sacrament, on the condition that it respect heterosexuality and the parity of the two spouses when it comes to their specific rights and duties, and that the consent not exclude monogamy, indissolubility, permanence, and openness to life. 

Conversely, the Church stigmatizes the deformations introduced into human love: homosexuality, polygamy, chauvinism, free love, divorce, contraception, etc. In any case, it never condemns persons. But it does not leave them in their sin. Like its Master, it has the courage and the charity to say to them: go and from now on sin no more. 

The Church does not only welcome with mercy, respect, and delicacy. It firmly invites to conversion. As its follower, I promote mercy for sinners - which all of us are - but also firmness toward sins incompatible with the love for God that is professed with sacramental communion. What is this if not the imitation of the attitude of the Son of God who addresses the adulterous woman: “Neither do I condemn you. Go and from now on sin no more” (Jn 8:11)?


Fr. Conrad Saldanha said...

What then would you say of this Cardinal from India; an apostate who even insults men of eminence like Robert Sarah and company; Please do read and circulate widely at the Apostasy that the Pope has let loose on the Church by having Cardinal OSwald Gracias as one of his 9 advisers.

For a complete article read: § 1. Cardinal Oswald Gracias: From Bad to worse

§ 2. Cardinal Oswald Gracias: Worse to Worst
§ 3. The DECEPTION of OSWALD GRACIAS exposed by eminent personalities

James said...

Thank God some prelates are upholding the Catholic Faith. What a shame they have to do this faced with opposition from the Vicar of Christ himself!

Anonymous said...

But BergogLio is not a pope but an imposter.

Anonymous said...

True. He is the biblical False Prophet and he is paving the way for the Antichrist. Lord, have Mercy on us and on the whole world. Immaculate Heart of Mary, be Our Refuge!!!

Anil Wang said...

Anonymous, no he's Pope. The church isn't a democracy and the laity can't say a bishop is not a bishop, much more so the Bishop of Rome. God didn't set up the church that way, and to say otherwise would be to put yourself in the company of Martin Luther.

That being said, he's not the first bad or corrupt or heretical Pope (or bishop) and he won't be the last. Fortunately, this is God's Church, not a man made institution so he will ensure that ultimately (within the next few hundred years), the Church will bounce back stronger than error for this heresy as it has countless times before. Our job, as laity is to become saints and do what we can to call the Church back.

Jean said...

Finally someone has said it!

Colette said...

I personally believe we are in the end times . And the Pope is doing what he was born to do as Judas did when he betrayed our Lord. Scripture has to be fulfilled, and This Pope has a part in in this. This being said Our Lord showed me through prayer, we must pray for the man that he may turn to God and ask forgiveness before it is to late. Gods will , will be done in-spite of what we think and feel.May God send His mercy on all of us.

Remnant said...

Product of heretical teachings is the damnation of souls of those who follow it. Leniency in dealing with such errors will pave way of loosing souls than trying to save. Laity, we can do our share by fighting the error through prayers and spreading the truth...helping the sacred servants who will uphold the teachings as they will be the front liners of these battle for souls. We stand up for Christ. It's He who has the power to put our soul to hell or heaven .... not any man,be he a Pope, cardinal or bishop...

Let us give our full support to all sacred servants who leads this battle for Christ.

Anonymous said...

And pray for us.