Thursday 12 November 2015

If the Pope permits adulterers to receive Holy Communion, will he be an heretic and schismatic? Yes, says St. Augustine

The Bishop of Rome and Antonio Spadaro, S.J. 
The outstanding and erudite Canadian priest, Fr. Raymond de Souza, has published an article in the Catholic Herald of the utmost gravity; forewarning us to be prepared for the Pope in Rome to attempt to overturn 2000 years of doctrine regarding giving Holy Communion to those in grave sin; specifically, adulterers. A full report on Fr. de Souza's article may be read at Vox Cantoris. 

Fr. de Souza: 

Hours after the conclusion of the synod, O’Connell, a reliable English-language conduit for those close to the Pope, wrote a commentary which identified by name Cardinals Pell, Ouellet, Sarah and Müller as those within the curia “rowing in a different direction” to the Pope, and to whom the Pope’s final address characterised as having “closed hearts”.The Church waits now for Rome to speak. The voices closest to the Bishop of Rome are already speaking, increasingly confident that when the time comes, Rome will not say what she said before.
The villainous Bruno Forte (far left) and Pope Francis 
If this happens we will have a Pope who is a material heretic. We will also have a Pope who - though not formally judged canonically - in spirit would be schismatic.  In schism through intent to break with his predecessors, with the Church, with Christ, which what has always and everywhere, and at all times taught. Please pray for the above mentioned Cardinals, that when the moment arises, they may have the courage to publicly "withstand him to the face", as St. Paul did St. Peter. Note: St. Peter! Yes, he ended a saint not because he was Pope, but because he repented of his sin. There is always the opportunity for any man, be he even a weak and sinful Pope, to repent of his sin; to go out, and weep bitterly. Pray for Pope Francis that he not succumb to the wiles of the devil and throw his lot in with the heretical and schismatic adulterists. Let us not forget that Satan will assign legions of demons to tempt the Pope. Let us pray for this poor man.

Nonetheless, St. Augustine had this to say about evil bishops; the same applying to evil popes:  
"St. Augustine is fully aware that not all members of the clerical state and hierarchy are holy men, and if such is the case what is the relation of the wicked members to the body of Christ?  The relation is the same as that of all other members. Good bishops participate fully in the life of the mystical body; they, as principal members are bound to it by life-giving ties. Bad bishops, may have jurisdictional powers and authority and belong to the Church, like all sinners not separated from it, but they do not participate in the life of grace. They are not however severed either from the external Church or the mystical body... till the end of time two categories of pastors are bound to exist. There are shepherds “who occupy a pastoral chair in order to tend to the sheep; others, however, sit on them in order to enjoy temporal honors and secular advantages” Unrightous bishops are not honored with the name of sons, but are called mercenaries. St. Peter, who is portrayed by St. Augustine as a personification of the Church, is also presented as a symbol of all the pastors of the Church. However, it is only good pastors and not of mercenaries that Peter is opposition to the other apostles, Judas is reputed to be such a mercenary; and if this happened to one of the apostles, who were so close to Christ, there should not be reason for scandal if his example finds imitators among the apostles' successors. They can have a place in the temporal existence of the Church, but will not enjoy the eternal existence of the mystical body of Christ" (Grabowski, pp. 219-221)
Reference: Grabowski, S. J. (1957). The Church: An introduction to the theology of St. Augustine. B. Herder Book Co; St. Louis, MO and London, England.


Kathleen1031 said...

I pray for an outcry from our faithful bishops, but we must all play a part. The faithful bishops must hear from the faithful laity, so get ready to make yourself heard. This is a grave responsibility for everyone who loves Christ and the faith. After 2000 years, it may come down to us.
Imagine that.

watchman said...

At this point, after reading many comments from many websites, I think it would be safer spiritually to ignore what the Pope says and stick to the traditional teachings of the Church and the words and inspirations of the saints.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio is not a pope because he is an heretic who allowed in Argentina the sodomites to receive communion
( as he did the last Holy thursday with the travesti who also receive sacrilegious communion.