Friday 20 November 2015

Is the Holy See Press Office guilty of the racism of "lower expectations" - as much of the western media is - when it comes to Islamic terrorism?

Most of us have heard about the Paris Terror Attacks; few have heard about the Lebanon Terror Attack or the Nigerian Terror Attack. Is this a manifestation of racism of lower expectations? It seems to me it is. Lives matter equally: wherever they may be. 

The brutal Boko Haram has killed over the past six years more people than ISIS. Based on CNN coverage, one would never know that. 

Shameful as this is: one wonders what excuse the Holy See Press Office, and various neo-modernist talking heads in the Vatican have for their silence. I am ready to offer a public apology, but to my knowledge, the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, has not sent a telegram of condolences (such as it is) to the Patriarch of Lebanon, or to the Primate of Nigeria. As to the Abu Sayyaf attacks in Catholic Philippines, forget it: you will not find anything from the Holy See denouncing  their brutal crimes. Racism of lower expectations indeed. 


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the American citizen just killed in Israel by Pali terrorists.

It's also startling how there have not been world-wide candlelight vigils and flags lowered for over 200 Russian citizens, including 27 children, bombed out of the sky on their flight home from Egypt.

Luciano said...

Barona the answer to your question is YES