Saturday 28 November 2015

James Martin S.J. and abortion ~ when is this priest going to demand Catholic leaders condemn abortion "in strongest possible terms"?

I was waiting for it. It did not take even 24 hours for a neo-modernist clerical talking head to come rushing out demanding that the Catholic Church  condemn the incident at the Planned Parenthood abortion factory, where  babies are slaughtered on a daily basis.  

James Martin S.J., for some reason is wishing for Catholic leaders to condemn the incident. Why? The Catholic Church condemns all violence, except acts that are taken in self defense.

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Amazingly, when I post pro-life stuff on Twitter, I am getting accused of being in the same camp with the murderer at Planned Parenthood. It's a bad day when someone does something like that. It harms everyone. God bless you. Susan Fox