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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

WIll Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil be the next martyr of the Church? ~ The captured priest remains in the hands of ISIS

There are reports on the internet that suggest the captured Salesian priest, Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil, may be crucified this coming Good Friday. No one knows. Certainly it is possible: inspired by Satan, ISIS has a flair for the most demonic and grotesque acts of horror and brutality. Please pray for Fr. Thomas. 

Pray to the saintly sisters, now receiving their eternal reward. Please pray for the killers, that they repent, surrender themselves to the authorities. Pray they convert and abandon the false religion of Mohommed. 


Ana Milan said...

It is very distressing to read of all the kidnappings, torture & killings of our priests & nuns serving the poor & downtrodden in the ME and little or no outrage coming from the Vatican. The Pope still commends the religion of those who incite & carry out these outrages in the name of their god Allah, who he says is the same God we worship. How extraordinary! Can he not appeal to his Imam friends to get these heinous terrorists to release this poor man if for nothing else but that it will sour inter-faith relations if they don't. It is just terrible to have to accept that PF puts climate change before his priests/nuns/sheep. Is there no-one in the Vatican who is Catholic?

Anonymous said...

Catholics, Christians, unite please in prayer that Jesus. In his Mercy will grant Fr. TOM a quick death, or give him the strength to endure this terrible fate at the hands of Isis.

Renée Isabelle diGeronimo said...

Catholics, Christians, please unite in prayer that Jesus in his Mercy will grant Fr.Tom a quick death or the strength to endure this persecution. Please pray for the conversion of sinners,and the defeat of ISIS, amen