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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Bishop Fellay: is it time for the SSPX to change Superiors?

It would seem that Pope Francis is not the only one capable of giving a disastrous interview. The leader of the Society of St. Pius X comes off terribly in an interview with Tim Sebastian of Deutsche Welle. 

I wonder why this interview has not been covered by the Catholic media? After all, the Pope's various controversial interviews have been.

An example:  a great many hear about the papal comments from the back of a plane, but few have heard about Fellay's interview. This interview really brings into question Bishop Fellay's competence and leadership. A bishop should be able to handle, tough - even harsh, provocative and yes - dishonest and confrontational questions from a secular journalist. 

It may be time - after 22 years! - for the SSPX to consider changes to her leadership and not wait until 2018. It may also be time for us to take off the rose coloured glasses and to look at the Pope and Bishop Fellay through the same lens. If the pope makes mistakes in the back of an airplane, it is fair to point them out; but it is also equally fair to point out the mistakes of the SSPX Superior.


Tradical said...

I believe that there is a distinction to be made.

Bishop Fellay gave an interview with an attack dog and, I understand, gave a faithful exposition of the Doctrine of the Church.

Pope Francis gives interviews in which (I understand) the questions are submitted in writing beforehand and gives ambiguous and potentially erroneous responses that sow confusion about the Doctrine of the Church.

Ergo I believe the call for an early chapter for the SSPX is a little premature.


Unknown said...

My only question is why in the world did he grant an "interview" to this guy in the first place? He was clearly only interested in attacking and accusing and refused to listen to anything the Bishop had to say.

Vox Cantoris said...

This man doing the interview is a wretched viper!

Anil Wang said...

A few things,

First of all, there aren't many choices for head. the SSPX can't consecrate any bishops and I don't think there are more than 3 bishops in the SSPX.

Secondly, I didn't see anything outrageous in the video. He made some statements on the Jews (no context provided) the Bp Felay elaborated was also directed at Freemasons and other groups and the Church's response and Bp Williamson has something to do with it. Since the interviewer was more interested in attacking rather than presenting truth, this confusion was never resolved.

For other points, the bishop handled himself well despite the attacks. The last admission of personal sins, definitely showed some humility.

Over all, I thought it was a good interview. The show is called "conflict zone" so it's clear that anyone watching the show knows that whoever is in the hot seat will get grilled. Anyone who survives the grilling likely has the respect of regular viewers of the show.

Whether it is wise or dumb to give interviews to such media is debatable, but I'd rather have a bishop go on a show like "conflict zone" where he will be mistreated than "The National Catholic [in name only] Reporter" and be treated well.

Anonymous said...

Although I do not agree with the SSPX in its irregular relationship with the Church, I found Bishop Fellay a model of Christian charity and dignity in the face of this petty, arrogant and spiteful barrage of hostile questioning. He calmly and truthfully answered every question, every stupid and vicious question. The interviewer was unrelenting in his attempts to twist and distort Bishop Fellay's words, but he failed.

Unknown said...

The superior general of the SSPX does not have to be a bishop, and electing one was actually discouraged by Archbishop Lefebvre. He intended the bishops to aid the Society by being 'sacrament machines', as they have no ordinary jurisdiction, only supplied jurisdiction. We can now see what happens when blind obedience is given to the S.G. over the Faith...