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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

BREAKING: Euthanasia in Canada: Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario refuse to go along with the death peddlers! ~ perhaps there will be Catholic resistance to this evil?

Catholic compromise with Hitler did not stop the death machine, it only fed it! 

Finally we may have some "outright resistance" - to quote Mary Wagner's words regarding the need for push-back against the euthanasia peddlers and the timid Christian physicians (including Catholics - alas!) who would wish for a non-referral de facto referral (e.g. phone numbers, websites etc.) sellout on euthanasia. Such weakness was so manifest on Parliament Hill the other week, that it emboldened the death peddlers to demand that health care provide "effective referral" for euthanasia. 

In trying to protect themselves, and their money ticket, they have in fact only exacerbated the aggression of euthanasia proponents to demand that not only physicians provide "effective referrals", but that all health institutions provide euthanasia services as well!  

This is where the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario step in. The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Bruyere Continuing Care intends to resist this evil push to completely take over Catholic health care. I say completely as Catholic institutions have for decades been sterilizing, providing abortion referrals and handing out contraception like candies.

Friends, we need real, effective resistance to evil, We do not need cowardly compromise. In fact, silence would have been better than the dreadful and disasterous "The Proposal" that was agreed to with the pro-death Canadian Medical Association (CMA) last year by a number of perhaps well meaning but totally out-maneuvered groups. As the recommendations proved last week, Cardinal Collins and Larry Worthen were totally duped and humiliated by the death dealers. "The Proposal" has proven to be a very serious error and lack of foresight. 

This comes as no surprise to me, as evil never backs down in the face of cowardice and weakness. It only increases its aggression. Witness the complete surrender by the "Christian" pharmacists and physicians on contraception. Where is the opposition? Where is the fight back? Yet, what we are dealing with is intrinsic evil. But, we have silence. 

One fear I have, is that the government will back down (a classic two steps forward, one step back?), and return to the evil of "The Proposal". If that be the case, it may be better that the government demand euthanasia, abortion from Catholic hospitals. It would create a situation in which we could no longer go about denying the evil in our midst; it would be time for Catholics to be Catholics. 

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