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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Linda Gibbons in her own words: "... one life saved is worth a lifetime in prison" ~ is pro-life heroine's response to her dedicating her life to save lives

This blog is publishing the reflections of Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner that were sent to the Polish Catholic news agency, Nasz Dziennik. We are publishing the original English texts for your reflection. Tomorrow, March 16th, as readers will know, the trial of our dear sister in Christ, Mary Wagner will conclude. Along with Linda, Mary has been doing the "heavy lifting" (to quote Linda) in Canada when it comes to active resistance to the constant expansion of the death culture. 

The ultimate response to this death culture is the response of love. Christ responded to the hatred and jealousy of the Pharisees, the Sanhedrin and the High Priests by stretching out His hands on the Cross, accompanied by the words: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Lk. 23:34). 

Mary reflects upon love in this way: 

"I think that the more we love, the more we are free. One can have everything in this world: good health, intelligence, talents, riches, a good family, meaningful work, yet still be imprisoned in ways that are worse than physical confinement. The greatest prison is sin, and when we fall, if we do not get up, we sink into a self-made prison".* 

Many times Linda raises the question about resistance to evil, that it is a moral obligation called upon us by God. 

Beata Fialkowska: Is protecting unborn children the fulfillment of God's will in your life? 

Linda Gibbons: When life is willfully jeopardized - born or unborn - it's God's will for us to resist. If it occurs by design - ergo in an abortuary - a deliberate, pre-planned act of Feticide, then we respond by determined, organized resistance. 

Active resistance is to be there and to do something to intervene against crimes against tiny humans. Such action is to carry out God's will for unborn lives not to be interfered with. God's will is life and to defend it is a moral duty. 

I'm called to be there even when men contribute lawless injunctions to compel us to be arrested and imprisoned. What changes is the cost of doing our duty to resist - God's will remains unchanged - one life saved is worth a lifetime in prison. **

* (English language original copyright 2016, Mary Wagner)
** (English language original copyright 2016, Linda Gibbons)

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