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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mary Wagner's trial in Toronto: tomorrow on March 10th

Mary's roses carefully wrapped just before leaving for Mass
and then the abortion mill on December 12, 2015 
Mary Wagner, our dear sister in Christ, will stand trial tomorrow at Old City Hall (60 Queen St. West) in downtown Toronto. The trial is set to begin at 10 a.m., in courtroom M2. If necessary, a second day has been assigned: March 16, in courtroom M1. 

I saw Mary at Vanier on the 8th and she is strong and ready. She has been in maximum security since her arrest last December 12th, 2015. 

She asks not only prayers for herself, but also for the two women who will be present to testify against her (two women who presented themselves on that fateful December 12, 2015 to abort their unborn child), as well as two abortion employees who are listed to testify. 

To those who are praying for Mary and her intentions, she is profoundly thankful. She is especially thankful to those who prayed a Rosary for her and her intentions on her birthday. 

It is very important that we not only speak about the Gospel of Life, but live the Gospel of Life. Something not lived is not worth believing in. Tomorrow I ask all those who are available to please prayerfully consider attending the trial. if you are unable to do so, please consider devoting part of the day to Mass, to prayer, to a Rosary, the Stations of the Cross for Mary. 

The Crown will be asking for a nine month sentence if Mary remains silent and does not plead guilty. 

May the Holy Virgin of Nazareth and the Carmelite saints be at Mary's side tomorrow. 

Mary, we love you, God bless you! 


Anonymous said...

It is absurd to put her in "maximum security"

Unknown said...

thank you so much for the update...such a courageous defender of sanctity of life. admire her selfless and fearless service. Sending Prayers.

Unknown said...

What the religious fail to understand, is that the freedom of religion means freedom to practice your religion ON YOURSELF. Not on other people.
Women’s bodies belong to them, and only to them. Pregnancy and childbirth is always a medical risk, therefore it is always up to an individual woman whether she wishes to gestate or not.

Your belief in an invisible god has nothing to do with how women live their lives.