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Thursday, 10 March 2016

BREAKING: Mary Wagner trial will resume on March 16h at the Old City Hall Courts in Toronto

Mary Wagner, preparing to confront the anti-culture of death December 12, 2015
Photo: Lianne Laurence, Lifesitenews. Copyright 2015
Mary Wagner, our dear sister in Christ, was led in handcuffs into courtroom M2 shortly after 10:30 a.m. at the Old City Hall Courthouse in downtown Toronto. 

Clad in green, serious, but occasionally smiling at those of us she knew in the courthouse. About seventeen supporters met Mary as she arrived at court. Mary made a statement before the court and then remained silent. Due to an unexpected delay, the trail will resume on March 16th with one final witness to testify. Throughout the day, Mary quietly read from a small copy of the New Testament that had been provided while the Crown, the witnesses and the Judge droned inanely on. 

Mary's statement before the court included the following: 

"I am prepared to proceed as I am today, I am making my statement in my appeal...it is [referring to the March 10th trial]...more fundamental than this. 

Unborn children are not protected in this country. I feel the best way I can respond to these charges is to remain silent and in solidarity with the unborn". 

A more detailed report will follow. Court was adjourned shortly after 4:30 p.m. Mary was returned to the holding cells in the basement of the Courthouse to probably be transported back to Vanier at 6:30, hopefully arriving before 8 p.m.  

Please continue to pray for Mary. God bless you Mary, we love you! 


Frank Wagner said...

I'm Mary Wagner's father. Both Mary and the aborted children have spoken. The problem is that people have not listened. I want to say again what I said in 1974, the year Mary was born. In November of that year I felt a desire to pray. I knew it had something to do with abortion. I then saw the souls of the children who had been aborted at the Vancouver (Canada) General Hospital and I was given the following message “Listen to the cry of the aborted children. Their cry is no. Their cry is a cry of terror. Heed their cry.” For a detailed description see http://www.cryoftheabortedchildren.com/ and then consider joining the Facebook group "Work to abolish abortion in the World - Message Team".

Andrew Szulc said...

Thank you for this testimony. It is tragic that most people are silent where we all should cry out loud to stop mass killings of innocent children.
Andrew Szulc
Port Hope