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Monday, 28 March 2016

The "Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience" ~ it has a "Proposal": when will it be made public?

From the "Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience": 
Our Proposal 

We have a proposal that will respect the conscience rights of doctors and healthcare facilities, without interfering with the patient’s choice for assisted death. Under this proposal the government would create a process allowing patients to directly access an Assessment Advisor who could provide resources and support to patients and connect them to physicians and facilities that provide physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia.

The patient would have the option of directly accessing this service or seeking a transfer of care to another physician. Patients who request this procedure at a facility that does not provide it could be transferred to another facility.

A question: where is this Proposal? 

How can Christians and others of good will support something they have not read? It is not a good sign to read "...the patient's choice for assisted death". Here we have language that is already equivocating, using the language of euthanasia. No! Language matters! 

We all know about "The Proposal"; a disastrous "terrible compromise" (to quote Mary Wagner, who dwells in the Vanier Centre for Women for active resistance to the evil of abortion in Canada) that has since been quietly removed - or has it? - regarding health care providers and imminent legalisation of euthanasia in Canada. "The Proposal" has yet to be retracted as error by the various groups that authored and supported it. 

Vanier Centre for Women:
Prison: the price paid for following Christ and resisting evil 

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