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Thursday, 24 March 2016

BREAKING: Pope Francis will break his own new rules for the "Rite of the Washing of Feet"

Vatican Radio carries a report from L'Osservatore Romano that our apotheosised Holy Father, Pope Francis, will violate the new rules for the "Rite of the Washing of Feet" (also known as the "Mandatum").

Pope Francis will celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday at the Centre for Asylum Seekers (Centro di Accoglienza per Richiedenti Asilo, or CARA) in Castelnuovo di Porto, located 25 kilometres north of Rome.The ceremony on March 24th will involve Pope Francis washing the feet of young refugees.

The Holy Father's new Decree is specific: only those who are "the people of God" may be chosen. That is, those who are incorporated into Christ through baptism, as sons and daughters of Christ's only Church.

If our esteemed Holy Father cannot keep and set the example of obedience to the rules of Holy Mother Church - what kind of a signal is he sending to his bishops and priests? Why even undertake the writing of a new set of rules, if  these very same rules will be cast to one side by our venerated Holy Father?

One must wonder what the purpose of drawing up the new rules were? Particularly, since the Supreme Lawgiver, our revered Holy Father, is casting them aside as quickly as they were written. Canonist Ed Peters comments that papal violation of Church Law does not abrogate same, but renders the law moot. Papal disregard for law, leads to chaos. 

The Holy Father places before Catholics a very bad example of humble submission to obedience.

The Decree for the new Rite

The Vatican Commentary on The New Rite


Freyr said...

There is no indication that the pope was celebrating mass at the refugee centre. The rubrics in the Roman Missal apply to celebrations of the liturgy according to the Roman Rite. There was no such liturgy going on because, as everyone knows, there is only one mass on Holy Thursday.

Vox Cantoris said...

Not true Sir. There are two Masses, The Chrism which he celebrated at St. Peter's Basilica this morning and the Mass of the Lord's Supper which he will celebrate with these "refugees."

He is celebrating the Liturgy! That is the problem!

He can wash the feed of anyone on 364 other nights.

How long?

Unknown said...

Reminds me of Our Lord allowing His disciples to glean wheat on the Sabbath and healing a blind man against the rules. Charity is the overriding law, and our Pope is following that!

Unknown said...
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Barona said...

True charity is never in contradiction to the Truth.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Gleaning of wheat was never prohibited, only harvesting. When our Lord acted on seemingly contradiction to code, it was always to meet a pressing need - never to grandstand for some "special moment".

Freyr said...

We should make the mandatum wars an annual event. Kind of like the Christmas wars that make me want to hide in December.

Kathleen1031 said...

What is the definition of "the children of God" in Catholicism. If this has always been understood as Catholics, or all Christians, then he has clearly disregarded the law. I would like to remind those who feel that would be no problem that, over 2000 years, no church could retain it's identity if it is just a free for all where rules are ignored at will.

Unknown said...

You forgot to read the unofficial, unpublished memo from New Church: EVERYONE is part of the "People of God" and baptism in the Church doesn't matter.