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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner convicted on one count of mischief; found not guilty on probation violation

Today, at the Old City Hall Courthouse, Mary Wagner was found guilty of one count of "mischief", and not guilty on two counts of "probation violation". The trial began at 10:57 a.m. and concluded about ten minutes to three in the afternoon. Sixteen supporters joined Mary, including Linda Gibbons. 

On the charge of mischief: 

Judge Katrina Mulligan said she was, "satisfied and that it was proven beyond reasonable doubt.[Mary was] "...well aware of her status as not welcome".  "Miss Wagner only left when she was removed.... [she] interfered with the lawful operation... some patients left, some were upset..." 

On the two counts of violation of probation, the Judge said: 

"I am not satisfied that Miss Wagner is bound by the probation order introduced into evidence. I find her not guilty of these two charges". 

Mary will be sentenced on April 25th. The release of her prior record must be obtained by the court before sentencing. The Crown is seeking the maximum six months, with a calculation of 1.5 for the days Mary has already been held without bail. Mary should be released on the day of sentencing, April 25th, with more than "time served". The delay to this very late date is that the Crown claimed she is unavailable as she will be "out of the country" on vacation. 

A full and comprehensive report will follow. 

Please continue to keep Mary in your prayers.  

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Alex said...

Thank you for keeping us informed about this.
I will keep Mary Wagner in my prayers.