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Monday, 21 March 2016

The Canadian euthanasia train was roaring down the track for years and it was all but ignored by the "conformist Christians"

"Silence in the pulpit is a scandal. Mary [Wagner] is doing the heavy lifting for the conformist Christians. In other words, going along to get along. Their actions expose them for coexisting with a death culture..."
Linda Gibbons 

Will Canada march down the path of a "horrible compromise" ? 
The blog Contradiction points out that Ian Hunter gave a prophetic lecture back in 1998 on the expansion of evil in Canada, and that euthanasia was high on the agenda. He was ignored; opposition to euthanasia by churchmen, politicians, physicians and others was basically comprised of ignoring the issue. Finally, when the euthanasia death train could be heard roaring its way into Canada in 2014 and 2015, the "opposition" tactics became one of "horrible compromise", to use Mary Wagner's phrase. 

A leave us alone while you go about your dirty business of killing attitude was trotted down to Parliament Hill by a number of euthanasia opponents. Sensing great weakness, the Committee struck back with aggressive demands on health care providers and all publicly funded health facilities, such as nominal Catholic hospitals (e.g. St. Michael's and St. Joseph's in Toronto - both well known for providing sterilization and contraception for decades). 

Or, will Canada oppose evil with "active resistance" ?
A real fear - a VERY real fear, is that the Committee may back off this demand (the classic two steps forward, one step back) and settle for the typical Canadian approach to abortion. No one is forced to have one, but we will have wide open killing, with any resisters quickly bustled off to jail. No one can be allowed, or even seen questioning Canadian "niceness" when it comes to "legal" murder. In fact, Mary Wagner was accused of a "certain lack of kindness..." by prosecutor Tania Monteiro for suggesting to expectant mothers not to kill their unborn children. This is the type of madness that has gripped the pro-death Canadian mind. It is this pro-death mind, of nearly 50 years of slaughtering the unborn that is fueling the euthanasia death train that has just roared into the station. 

Be prepared for a "horrible compromise" with nominal Catholic hospitals, and "conformist Christians". Be prepared for comfort, not resistance. Be prepared for these nominal Catholic institutions, though officially not providing euthanasia, turning a blind eye as they do with the "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" abortion referral technique. 

Be prepared for what Linda Gibbons calls "conformist Christians" to maintain their lives of surrender and no resistance. Already this conformism can be seen in language employed. I have noticed that the Catholic Register is using "assisted suicide"; others are using similar language and inconsistent language. The Coalition for Healthcare and Conscience also not infrequently uses "assisted death", "doctor-assisted death", etc. Not a good sign at all - in fact, a very bad sign of surrender. It is one that is primarily focused on protecting its members and not stopping the advance of the anti-culture of death. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Good post. Thank you so much. While Brussels Burns, Canada sings its merry way down the death track. God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com