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Monday, 14 March 2016

Mary Wagner in her own words: "abortion facilities are 'engrossed in darkness' "

Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons have each answered a series of questions sent from Poland's Nasz Dziennik- now available in Polish on their website - on a number of issues. Today, just prior to the resumption of Mary's trial this Wednesday, March 16th, we will commence publishing the questions and answers. It is only fitting, as we prepare for the conclusion of the trial to focus on the despair and darkness that consumes the people who work and access an abortion facility that does nothing but destroy life.  

Beata Fialkowska: Abortion clinics are places of darkness. Can you carry hope to the women? The hope of Jesus who brought life, where others wish to bring death? 

Mary Wagner: Yes, the abortion facilities are "engrossed in darkness", because everyone there is there because of despair in some form, from the mother and her "support" to the employees and the abortionist. The fact that these places exist and run, with so little public opposition, is a sign that the despair is not restricted to the walls of the abortion facility. 

By entering or attempting enter - by remaining with the mothers as long as possible, we are trying to bring them hope, beginning with our presence and prayer. We realise that it seems humanly "without hope". I beg God to go into the hearts of the mothers, and I do not know what the best thing to say will be. I feel that, once the mothers have reached that point, only God can intervene. That is why prayer is so essential, and the presence secondary. If we are to bring "the hope of Jesus", we must first have it ourselves. One thing of which I am convinced is that no situation is hopeless, and no place on earth can be designated as "off limits" for loving our neighbour. Where there is life, there is always hope!

(English language original: copyright 2016, Mary Wagner) 

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