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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Meet Pietro Vittorelli: Homosexual, Embezzeler, Jet-setter, Party Animal...ex-Abbot of Monte Casino...


Pietro Vittorelli, 55, was the Abbot of Monte Casino. He was also jet-setting the world: partying, living it up outrageously, engaging in homosexual behaviour..... much of the latter in Brazil. 

He was also stealing hundreds of thousands of Euros. THis man was truly a jet-setting high flyer! 

In Italian, there is a detailed report of his financial crimes. 

Once incident in Rome had this sybaritic sodomite running up a 700 Euro restaurant bill! This is how these "men" live, friends. 

This is Rome, this is the Vatican. This is the "reform" that Francis, our beloved Holy Father has given us. This is "The Francis Effect". 

Notice how well he is dressed, how "traditional" he looks? Be warned dear friends, these infiltrators are everywhere - even in the least likely of places. They publicly can come across as "conservative", even "traditional". But inwardly, they are ravenous wolves! 

Jacek Palasinski, Polish correspondent in Italy and Rome for Gazeta, wrote on his Facebook page regarding the sodomite Abbot: 

"Twelve months ago the abbot of this monastery, Pietro "the viper" Vittorelli, was arrested for misappropriating more than half a million euros, that were designated for charity. He used the money to travel the world, mostly to Brazil, where he searched for homosexual liasons". 
(Translation: Barona) 

Report documenting Vittorelli's homosexual activity

How many of you have heard of Vittorelli? 

How many of you know about his evil exploits? 

A "free" press. Don't believe it for a minute. It is a manipulated press. 

Just another high ranking practitioner of homosexuality

Dear friends, what you are getting from the media, both secular and - much more scandalously -  the official Catholic media, is propaganda. This, sadly, included the Holy See Press Office.  


Irenaeus said...

All those who wear lace and take on the traditional garb are not all that traditional.

Anonymous said...

Pietro Vittorelli was born in Rome June 30, 1962...On 24 September 1989 he entered as a postulant in ' Abbey of Montecassino . He made his monastic profession January 13, 1991 and received the ' ordination to the priesthood on June 26 1994. In 1994 he received his bachelor's degree in Catholic theology at the Pontifical Athenaeum of St. Anselm in Rome. During his theological studies he became a member of the academic senate of the Pontifical University of St. Anselm . In 1994 he supported the ' state exam for the license to practice medicine and enrolled at' register of surgeons of the province of Frosinone . In 1997 he was appointed MASTER OF NOVICES of the Congregation of Cassino and PROMOTER OF VOCATIONS of the same congregation. ...On 25 October 2007 the chapter dell'arciabbazia Montecassino 191ยบ elected him abbot. [1] The election was confirmed and ratified on November 17 of that year by papa Benedetto XVI . [4] After receiving the abbatial blessing from Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re , then prefect of the Congregation for Bishops , [5] 31 December took possession of the abbey palace and the mother church and the diocese headed territorial abbey of Montecassino . On 24 May 2009 he received the visit of Benedict XVI.


But how many will connect the dots back to JP2 (the great saint) who promoted Maciel also for MOOLA or to Benedict the prisoner who was forced to resign? Are they friends of tradition? Or is everyone associated w/VC2 enemies of the true Church? We hear so much now about sodomite drug orgies at the Vatican, but believe you me they go on everywhere--in every seminary, in every diocese. Those who pretend differently are simply kidding themselves. You have been documenting the sodomite rot in your diocese, but it is worldwide.





Anonymous said...

Actually, the more fastidious members of an institute are about lace, the loveliest incense, silk vestments, and impeccable cassocks the more one should be cautious.

Actually, I have often remarked how, overall, the S.S.P.X. members do not seem to make these matters as central as purportedly legitimated 'traditionalist' institutes.

Kevin said...

Though unrelated to this post, I am wanting to send Mary Wagner a letter of encouragement. Do you happen to have her mailing address?