Friday, 7 July 2017

The Death of Quebec? Provincial Government to distribute free abortion pills

Quebec will be distributing free abortion pills so that French-Canadian women can finish off the job started during the Quiet Revolution - the demographic annihilation of Quebec. What 200 years of British, Protestant occupation was unable to achieve, apostate former Catholics will achieve it on their own. History has shown the vast majority of civilizations rot and collapse from within. Are we living through the death throes of New France?

"Vive Le Quebec, libre", proclaimed de Gaulle in 1967. Well, Quebec is not free at all, having turned her back on the Our Lord and His Church. 

I'm sorry Charles, but it is going to take more than shout "freedom" from the roof top of Montreal's City Hall. Quebec need Our Lord Jesus Christ, not words, however well meaning. 

"But in the heart of all this turmoil, 
we must not be demoralized; 
if men have the power to destroy, 
Our Lord’s hand is infinitely more powerful to build. 
We need only be faithful to Him and let Him work". 
St. Fran├žois de Laval

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Anonymous said...

If Quebec can fall so easily, the rest of us have not a chance.