Saturday 29 July 2017

Our Lord founded a Church of Apostles, not Art Collectors !

The Vatican -never willed by Our Lord - is a corrupt Renaissance Court. Every classic element of decadence is there: financial skulduggery, occultism, extravagant wealth, enormous riches, priceless art, sexual depravity, cliques, blackmail.... and so on. 

Fr. John O'Connor, expelled from the homosexual dominated Dominican Order, explains to us the degree of decadence and corruption in Rome. He said the following words in 1991: what would he say today? 

The following video is a powerful denouncement of not only Roman wealth and decadence, but its interconnection with heresy and homosexuality. 

The one thing these Modernists and homosexual churchmen love more than heresy, is money!  


Jonah said...

Catholic Bavaria would go out of business:

Anonymous said...

Too bad no-one listened to him -- elected Clinton in 1992. Don't ask don't tell. Now sodomite marriage legalized and euthanasia and assisted suicide. It's not too late to repent and yet even w/proaborts on the pontifical academy for life there's NO MOVE out of the dioceses. Just millions of neo-con pharisee apologists actually funding the perverts.